No Lost Cause – P.S. (ep)

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Jan 202020

No Lost Cause is back with P.S., their third ep filled with their blend of pop-punk and ska.

A few years ago, No Lost Cause was based in New Jersey, but as things change, so do band locations and now the band calls Florida home.  The goal of the band is to take their blend of punk and ska and use it to speak of trust in God, providing hope and encouragement in hard times.  For this ep, the band has enlisted both Indie Vision Music and Thumper Punk Records for the support.

To be honest, I really like how the songs like “Slow It Down” start, as its pure, fast, driving punk rock, but then the ska part comes in and all momentum gets lost and suddenly the song just sounds dated, like it should be something from back in the late 90’s when the Supertones, and FIF were hot.  All that being said, the vocals are clear and fit well with the music, guitars and drums dominate the sound, but the bass doesn’t get lost in the mix, which is a good thing.  At over four minutes long, I do think the song carried on a bit longer than needed, but then that was likely a function of the ska breaks.  I will say that if there were horns, I might not have minded the ska parts as much but without them, the overall sound doesn’t work for me.

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Nov 082019

Indie Vision Music and Thumper Punk Records are proud to present the 3rd Ep set of songs from Florida transplant by way of New Jersey, pop-punk-rock-ska hybrid act – No Lost Cause (NLC). This new Ep is titled “P.S.” and is a loving reminder of God’s love for us all and the hope that flows from that instant connection one has with the Lord. This hybrid style of music will please fans new and old to those great sounds of bands like Goldfinger, Blink-182, Pennywise, Slick Shoes, Fireflight, RED, and even 311. When we say DIFFERENT, we mean it!

Grab this fantastic Ep from IVM and Thumper Punk on December 6th. Ep will be available on both CD and Digital from both places (see links below).

“The P.S. ep is probably the most eclectic release I’ve put together up til now. I have a wide variety of music I really enjoy and I think a lot of that came out on this ep more than it has before. There’s punk, ska, rock, hard rock… The songs were all written as I was going through certain things and I just kind of wrote what I felt like God had to say about them.” Rob Jensen / No Lost Cause

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Jan 162018

Check out the new lyric video for No Lost Cause ‘Outcasts’! This video is a shout out to all the great people who’ve been a part of No Lost Cause over the years and some of the amazing people we’ve met along the way! Enjoy!,

The track is taken from Peter118/No Lost Cause split ep “In Stereo”, which has been released Sept. 4, 2017 via Thumper Punk Records. Continue reading »

Sep 172017

Thumper Punk Records and In Presence Records (UK) bring together punk rock bands Peter 118 and No Lost Cause for an ep filled with catchy hooks, driving punk rhythms and even some praise.

Peter 118 started out as a solo project by Peter Field, formerly of Senseless and Ambassadors of Shalom and featured Peter’s wife Janine on bass and friend Sam on drums. In 2016 the band’s Need You More ep caught the ear of legendary KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer and band’s video started seeding mainstream airplay.  Alisha Palmer was added on rhythm guitar and the band has lined up some tour dates for late 2017 including the Rainbow Rock Festival in Stockholm.  Last year, Peter 118 shared the stage with the band No Lost Cause in Nashville and the band members hit it off so well, they decided to release a split ep…and you have In Stereo.

The ep kicks off with Peter 118 taking control and immediately you get that punk rock vibe with a guitar being plugged in right before the opening riff in “Seven” .  Guitar-driven punk rock is the story here and lyrically, the band’s Christian beliefs come through loud and clear.  Nice, melodic punk rock track if it does run a bit too long. Continue reading »

No Lost Cause – “Fight” (EP)

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Aug 292015

NLC_FIGHT_EPWhat ever happened to the OC Supertones and bands of that ilk?  You know what I mean, the ska-punk bands so popular in early to mid-2000’s.  New Jersey’s No Lost Cause are back with a six-song ep to remind all the old-timers of those days and to bring that sound to a new generation.  Well, maybe that’s my interpretation but I do hear a lot of the old bands and sound on this ep, just without the horns.

Hailing from Tom’s River, New Jersey, No Lost Cause started in 2010 with the goal of  bringing “hope to the listeners while putting out some music you might be able to tap your foot or nod your head to.”  Fans of the OC Supertones, FIF, and other ska/punk bands of the time will find some very familiar sounds, with the notably exception of the horns as NLC is a three-piece with no horn section.  The ep was recorded at Eightsixteen studios in Bayville, New Jersey, with mixing and mastering by Buddy Eirman. Continue reading »