Jan 102018

Conveyer hits 2018 with a gut-punch in the form of ‘New Low,’ the festering new video from their latest album “No Future.” An ode to crashing dreams and forgotten plans of the future, the album sets the Midwest band as the modern definition of the hardcore music genre. Since the release of the album last June, Conveyer spent the second half of 2017 playing across China, Australia, Canada and the US. This week the band continues their international assault as they clobber the UK and Europe directly supporting (Hed) P.E. for the next six weeks.

“’New Low’ is a unique song on the album, we feel it has a bit of a different energy and wanted the music video to really capture that energy. We wanted the video to have a grittiness to it and we are pleased with how it turned out,” admits Conveyer drummer John Gaskill. Frontman Danny Adams adds, “This song is my way about talking out a struggle with social anxiety and accepting that I can only control what people think about me so much.” Continue reading »

Conveyer – “No Future”

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Aug 272017

In 2011 a bunch of dudes from Eau Claire, Wisconsin came together to form what was to be known as “Conveyer”. Since its formation the band released 3 EPs “Signal Fire”, “Empty Handed” & “MMXII” before releasing their first full length album Worn Out which was self-released in 2013. Following its release the band went through a lot of line-up changes and signed up with Victory Record to release their first studio album “When Given Time To Grow” in 2015. The band toured alongside Ghost Key, Until we are ghosts, Dwell and a couple of other bands in 2013.

“Conveyer” came out with their second studio Album “No Future” in June 2017 via Victory records. Listening to Hardcore really stirs me up and gives me adrenaline in the best possible way :). This bands exhibits raw unabated energy throughout the length of the album. They are quite traditional when it comes to song writing, and claims never to have used a computer to do so. Impressive eh? Brooks mentions that Song writing is an important aspect for the band and every band member is encouraged to throw in ideas.

So I queued in the album, which opens softly with “Dust” and gathers momentum with rugged guitar chops and marching/blast beats. The sound on this song sets the flavour for the rest of the album. Next up “The Whetstone” treads on dark territory with “a blade through my stubborn soul” setting up a hardcore back drop with an ambient elements on the fore front. Continue reading »

Jun 232017

Providing raw commentary on the destructive state of the world today, Conveyer is streaming “No Future,” their newest album, a day ahead of its release. With an amplified sound and in your face aggression, “No Future” oversteps the trends in today’s hardcore underground. Pick up “No Future” tomorrow everywhere music is sold.

Front-man Danny Adams divulges, “You’re going to experience life in a way that both affirms and challenges your understanding of loss and heartache, and I want you to know that the times where your certainty is threatened by new shades of tragedy, it doesn’t mean your entire world is unravelling. Even when I don’t understand what’s happening, I choose to have hope and faith that I’m going to be okay, just as I am convinced that the sun will rise tomorrow.”

Guitarist Ty Brooks adds, “We are so excited that No Future is finally here. We put a lot of work into this record and we are so happy with the end result. A huge thank you to everyone at Silver Bullet Studio for all their hard work that went into this release. And to everyone else, we’ll see you at a show soon!” Continue reading »

Jun 172017

Conveyer is the definition of the hardcore music genre in 2017. Their video ‘No Future,’ the title track from their new album set for release on Victory Records on June 23 sonically and visually encapsulates what fans of the genre have been waiting for. An ode to crashing dreams and forgotten plans of the future, vocalist Danny Adams spells it out, “’No Future’ is the title track for the record because we felt it had to be as straight-forward as the meaning behind it.”

“Human beings are meant to exist in a perfect place, but we’ve somehow deprived ourselves of the desire to venerate perfect things,” Adams explains. “I’m constantly reminded that I’m unequipped to accept that my existence is limited to this life. It’s also not a typical sounding Conveyer song – we wanted to bleed out some older influences like Buried Alive and Figure Four. Continue reading »

Jun 022017

Hardcore act Conveyer has released ‘Disgrace,’ the second song from their upcoming album “No Future,” set for release on Victory Records on June 23, 2017. “Our goal with No Future was to capture the energy and passion of a Conveyer live show on record,” reveals guitarist Ty Brooks. On the track he continues, “’Disgrace’ is about us wanting a separation between the church and political parties in America.”

Conveyer kicked off their headlining tour on May 20, and the band is currently blanketing Canada before they return to the US and wrap up the first leg behind No Future with a hometown album blowout in Eau Claire, WI on June 24, one day following the album’s release. Continue reading »