To Speak Of Wolves – “New Bones”

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Sep 232016

new bones epTo Speak Of Wolves from Greensboro, North Carolina, was formed in 2007 and currently they call their own style Rock/Hardcore.

After a break of four years To Speak Of Wolves are finally back with a new EP called ‘New Bones’. This EP is released on Cardigan Records. Formerly they were signed to Solid State records.

The first song of this six-song EP is called ‘Ok, I’ll Be a Part of This World’. Immediately we are thrown into the deep with smashing riffs and screaming like there is no tomorrow. It is clear that their sound has grown a bit darker in the past years.

Title track ‘New Bones’ is no exception to the aforementioned and has a chorus that sticks to your memory. This song has a menacing tone and an aggression that appeals to me as a die hard hardcore fan.

The EP rages forth with an energy that never has a dull moment. ‘What The Wind Reaps’ is with 4:11 minutes the longest song on the album. So no excessive long boring songs, but just ‘to the point’rock/hardcore. As a matter of fact, I don’t think that their description of rock/hardcore covers the style entirely. When you hear this album you just can’t help it to compare it to Norma Jean. It has a high Math-Core content. Continue reading »

Aug 292016

To_Speak_Of_Wolves_-_2016_c56To Speak Of Wolves recently announced a new EP, titled “New Bones”, which will be released on Sept. 16 via Cardigan Records. (Pre-orders are on sale now.) The album’s artwork and track listing can be found below.

“New Bones” will be the follow up “Find Your Worth, Come Home” which has been released on May 22nd 2012 via Solid State Records.

Time does strange things, softens edges, peels away life, mends wounds, leads us away from paths we chose and offers our eyes a place they have never been before. It dispenses the notions we held, waiting for the moments our thoughts would be proven true or join the myriad of misguided ideas and archaic thought processes. To Speak of Wolves has submitted themselves to time, and while searching vigorously, these 5 young men found that they could not live apart from what they had created. Continue reading »