Wind Rose – “Wintersaga”

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Dec 202019

Wind Rose have come roaring back with their brand of “Dwarven Metal”  in Wintersaga, the follow up to Stonehymn, and have further pushed their brand of epic metal to the masses.

While the band has been around for now over 10yrs, the Italian natives Wind Rose, have really come into their own with the release of Stonehymn in 2017 and the brilliant move of releasing  a video for their cover of the Minecraft-inspired song “Diggy Diggy Hole”, which last I checked was approaching 9 million plays on YouTube…crazy large numbers for any act, let alone for some Italians signing metal songs of fantasy and looking like Vikings.  To show that the success of “Diggy Diggy Hole” was no fluke,  their video for “Drunken Dwarves is well over 1 million plays as of this review.  The band itself has certainly worked its way up to this point, releasing eps and albums since 2010 and touring Europe with the likes of Wintersun, Epica, Ensiferum, and Eluveitie.  In 2017 for Stonehymn the band had signed to Inner Wound Records, but after that jumped to the well-known metal label Napalm Records for Wintersaga.

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Sep 152019

Dwarven Army Wind Rose add another chapter to their epic, story-filled new album, “Wintersaga”, by releasing ‘Drunken Dwarves’ via Napalm Records. The track follows the release of their popular first single, ‘Diggy Diggy Hole’, which recently crossed five million views on YouTube. ‘Drunken Dwarves’ talks about exactly what the name suggests: drunken, mead-filled nights, starting a tavern brawl, and singing and partying until they fall (asleep, hopefully).

Wind Rose on ‘Drunken Dwarves’:

You sang, you danced and you drank all over Europe on this song with us, now your request has been heard and answered.
“Drunken Dwarves” will blow you away among rivers of beer, mead and metal!”

The new video takes us to a tavern in Middle Earth where our favorite dwarven army is giving a concert in a small, rustic tavern with many spectators. Continue reading »

Jul 042019

The band recently playing to huge crowds at Graspop and Hellfest, Gloryhammer, also recently released their third album Legends Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex, which has already climbed charts in the EU as well as US and Canada as fans have been waiting for more of the epic power metal Gloryhammer is known for.

The Scottish band Gloryhammer started by Alestorm vocalist Chris Bowes (keyboards here) largely as a way to explore symphonic and epic metal and is seen as one of metal’s favorite sons as they manage to take as many metal clichés as possible and use them in song in such a way that everyone is in on the joke and yet somehow  it all embodies everything metalheads love. The band released Tales from the Kingdom of Fife in 2013, Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards in 2015, and now the conclusion (?) to the trilogy, Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex in 2019.  Unfortunately, due to space constraints, I can’t go into the overall story except to say that it spans time and dimensions, but it’s worth the time to listen and hear the epic tales.

The track “Gloryhammer” might be the best introduction to the band and the album one could imagine as it captures everything that sets them apart and makes them so entertaining, especially in a live setting I would imagine.  Fortunately, the band made a video for the track which helps add to the image as well.  Following a gang yell of “Glory…hammer” an riff reminiscent of Rammstein’s Du Hast kicks in but is accented by some keyboards  that sound like something out of late 80’s Rainbow and that contradiction initially throws you off but works brilliantly.  Continue reading »

Jun 082019

Wind Rose releases  a new single and official video for ‘Diggy Diggy Hole’. The single will be available on a strictly limited 7″ single vinyl, including a special orchestral version on July 12th, via Napalm Records!

Wind Rose states: “Mining is one of the most important activities for a Dwarf, naturally Wind Rose needed a theme song for this great honor of collecting these  jewels from the soil, so sing with us with pride!!”…

Watch the video for ‘Diggy Diggy Hole’ below.

After their successful album “Stonehymn”, appearances at major festivals as Bloodstock Open Air and successful tours with bands like Finntroll, Wintersun, Morgarten, Ensiferum and Eluveitie, Wind Rose are now ready to continue their journey through mountains, ice and snow! Continue reading »