My Darkest Time – “The Last”

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Apr 132017

My Darkest Time is an atmospheric band that blends gothic and doom together. ‘The Last’ is the fourth outing by the band. The band is made up of the duo of founding member and main writer Zarko Atanasov and Marina Atanasova.

To put a foundation down, My Darkest Time has been around for quite some time, debuting with their first album, ‘End Of My Darkest Time’ in 2008. The band has had pretty much a linear growth over the years, and to a degree, ‘The Last’ broadens their footprint of growth, adding a little more depth and colour over previous releases.

This Macedonian band is pretty much your run of the mill atmospheric gothic doom band to put it bluntly. It has an almost deliberate slowness of pace to it, and even though it does have some ggreat touches of piano and orchestral symphonic parts in it, it does not blow me away. It does not capture me and carry me away, which I feel is an important characteristic in music if ones to truly appreciate what the band is doing. Even some amazing solo work from Torbjörn Weinesjö (“Ephrath”) still does not give the album a wow factor. It’s not that I don’t like this kind of music, I love gothic and doom, and allot of my vast musical collection is filled with quite a few gothic and doom bands, I think it my lie in that I feel Marina’s vocals are not extra-ordinary for this genre, and I feel it brings down the instrumental side of the album a bit, which is actually at times quite strong and emotional, where her vocals don’t seem to carry the strength that’s actually needed to marry vocals with instruments. Continue reading »

Aug 202016

MyDarkestTime_2016_206Doom/Gothic project from Skopje, Macedonia, My Darkest Time have released a new album ”The Last”… “it’s different from previous albums and have cool guest on song Torb (Veni Domine)” says frontman Z’arko Atanasova. Digital release on record label from Finland Inverse Records Physical CD available directly from the band: contact Soon the album will be available on some of the stores

Marina Atanasova – vocals ,vocal arangement, Zarko Atanasov – music & lyrics. Guests: solo guitars on ‘Ephrath’ by Torbjörn Weinesjö (Veni Domine) piano on ‘O Beloved’ by Sime Stefkovski. Mixing & mastering by Slava Malinin (Angel 7, Holy Blood…)

An album sampler can be streamed below. Continue reading »

Aug 272013

lMyDarkestTime2010My Darkest Time has remastered an old album “My Thoughts”, which was released in 2009. You can download it for free, but a donation will be appreciated and with that you support the artist. The download includes 10 tracks + artwork, link can be found below.

“My Thoughts” features special guest Carlos Osnaya [Exousia], Sonia [Static Fuse], Marina [Wipe Away], Adunamy [Hortor]. MDT has managed to forge a strong awareness in the underground movement as project founder Zarko Atanasov has persistently marketed this project with free downloads of their previous release. Continue reading »

Apr 302012

Macedonia based Death/Doom project My Darkest Time have released their new album Transient earlier this month on April 3. Transient is now available for free download. It is better to buy a physical cd, in that case you support the band. Below you can listen to a more than 8 minute sampler.

In 2010 My Darkest Time released its first full lenght titled My Thoughts, the album contains 13 songs and is  limited to 250 hand numbered copies.   Continue reading »

Mar 072012

Macedonia based Death/Doom project My Darkest Time are preparing the launch of their new album Transient. 

Last month [Februari] My Darkest Time posted a sampler from the upcoming MDT album Transient, the sampler can be streamed below,  and check out the artwork & tracklist. Transient will be released April 3rd. You can now pre-order the new MDT album.

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