Jun 082019

The theatre programme of the Brainstorm Festival 2019 is increasingly taking shape. On Friday evening November 8th you can expect a special show of the Dutch gothic-rock band Blackbriar. A day later, the new Norwegian post-rock band Monograf will give their showpiece.

Blackbriar is a gem from the Dutch rock scene. Millions of people have already discovered the band on YouTube, but the final breakthrough is yet to come. At the Brainstorm Festival we would like to give the band a helping hand by offering them a beautiful stage.

The Norwegians of Monograf will be on stage on Saturday, November 9th. The post-rock band is breaking through in their own country, and that success is now getting a sequel to our festival. Anyone who has seen Leonov at work in recent years should not miss the Monograf show. Continue reading »

Apr 112014

monografMonograf is a post-rock band from Norway featuring Erik Normann of Antestor. The band reported the following ‘As an Easter treat, we’re releasing a tease from sound of the upcoming recordings. Trying to paint from a new palette.’ The teaser can be streamed in the soundcloud player below.

Last month, the band announced their performance on this years festival in Norway:We are very, very proud to announce that we will be playing at SÅ Festival this summer. Amidst demanding studio work, practicing and composing it really gives us something to look forward to! The goal is to have the EP ready for festival, and have a pre-sale there.’ Continue reading »