Jan 122018

Of Mice & Men are streaming their cover of Pink Floyd‘s ‘Money’. Their take on the song comes from their approaching new album, “Defy“, which will land in stores on January 19th through Rise Records.

The band update the song a little bit, with the original cash register sound effects now with a more video game “cashing in” vibe, but you still get the clinking of coins featured prominently. And while the original danced around a more rhythmic swinging bass-led pattern, the Of Mice & Men song is more immediate and amped up with guitars to a speed more befitting of their style. The guitars and drumming drive the song with more ferocity, while vocalist Aaron Pauley capably transmits the darker, sinister tone of the song.

‘Money’ fits well into the conceptual leanings of the band’s Defy album, with Pauley previously stating, “To defy means to challenge the power of, resist boldly and openly,” and that’s a feeling firmly embraced in the Pink Floyd original. Continue reading »