Feb 012018

Vivaldi Metal Project‘s NEW EP “The Extended Versions” was just released on January 19th by Pride & Joy Music. Thanks a lot to those who ordered it and for the wonderful feedback we keep receiving!

Here’s the EP’s VIDEO SINGLE ‘The Four Seasons – Unplugged Medley’ live recorded at “Kitee International Music and Art Festival” (Finland) on July 13, 2017 featuring Tsena Stefanova on vocals and Mistheria on piano. The video can be seen below.

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Aug 102017

Vivaldi Metal Project is putting together a series of four unplugged shows from October 19 to 22 (central/eastern Europe) with our Duo featuring singer Tsena Stefanova Kercheva and producer/pianist Mistheria.

If you have any suggestions for specific and fitting venues/locations, please let us know (info@vivaldimetalproject.com) or messaging us on our Facebook page.

Song-list includes an acoustic medley from Vivaldi Metal Project‘s “The Four Seasons” album. Also, original songs by Mistheria and Tsena are included in the song-list as well as some exclusive arrangements of other bands’ songs such as Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica, After Forever, Dream Theater and more. Continue reading »

Jul 172016

13339456_1117169354993223_8556323398747796592_n_1e0Sometimes a press release tells you everything you need to know about an album and that is the case with the Vivaldi Metal Project – The Four Seasons.  Featuring more than 130 metal and classical artists, orchestra, string quartets, and three choirs, The Four Seasons is a symphonic metal interpretation of Antonio Vivaldi’s Baroque masterpiece of the same name, the likes of which is unprecedented.

Italian keyboard player and solo artist Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson, Rob Rock) started thinking in 2013 about making a metal version of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, a piece he loved since childhood.  After starting to play and record movements himself, he decided a metal version would be perfect and posted some clips online to engage metal musicians in the project.  Not long after getting some initial musicians on board, he enlisted Douglas R. Docker to write lyrics for the instrumental works an in the end also brought in Rob Rock and Lance King to help out with lyrics.  Ten arrangers were brought on board to combine the standard metal band with strings, choirs, and orchestra, and in the end a literal all-star cast of musicians ended up providing performances for the project that took over 2 years to complete.  In the end, listeners will be treated to 14 tracks and over 74 minutes of incredible music. Continue reading »

May 302016

vivaldi logoVivaldi Metal Project – “The Four Seasons” will be released on July 22nd, through Pride & Joy Music (world-wide, excluding Japan). The official trailer is available below. The pre-sale for the CD digi-pack will start during this week. The download on iTunes and the first instant grat for the track ‘The Age Of Dreams’ is already available here. A double vinyl release of “The Four Seasons” will be scheduled for a release in September.

The Vivaldi Metal Project is a music creation born from an idea conceived and developed by Italian keyboard player, composer and producer Mistheria (solo artist, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Rock, Roy Z, Artlantica).

The project is a symphonic-metal opera based on Antonio Vivaldi’s Baroque masterwork “The Four Seasons”, featuring more than 130 amazing metal and classical artists, orchestra, a string quartet and three choirs from all over the world. The album features 14 tracks – all the movements from Antonio Vivaldi’s original score plus two original new songs written by Mistheria. The impressive roster of artists probably makes this titanic album the biggest all-star project ever! Continue reading »

May 152016

vivaldi logoVivaldi Metal Project are happy to show you the official track-list of the album, check it out below. The album will be released this summer through Pride & Joy Music.

The Vivaldi Metal Project is an all-star metal project conceived and created by keyboardist, arranger, composer and producer maestro Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson, Rob Rock, Roy Z, etc.) together with bassist, composer and co-producer Alberto Rigoni.

The aim of the project is to arrange and perform a metal version of Antonio Vivaldi‘s legendary Baroque masterwork “The Four Seasons”. Continue reading »