Jan 132019

Swedish Gothic Rock/Metal Band The HERO will release the first single from their upcoming album this Friday (Jan. 18th). The new album will be released later this year. Check out a short video message from the band below.

The upcoming album will be the follow-up to “Miracles” which has been released on Dec. 16th. 2016 via Roxx Records.  Continue reading »

Mar 262017

Swedish Gothic Rock/Metal Band The HERO recently released a video for ‘Miracles’. The track is taken from their latest album“Miracles” which has been released on December 16th. via Roxx Records. The video can be seen below.

The HERO” means Heavy, melancholic and beautiful songs that appeal to more than just “Metal Heads”. The recipe for The HERO is: heavy groovy guitars, thundering bass, bombastic drums, melodic baritone vocals but most important of all, strong melodies for the eternity.”

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The HERO – “Miracles”

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Jan 132017

The Hero from Sweden have returned with their fourth album and a continually evolving sound that shifts even further toward a blend of goth and hard rock.

The Hero (originally just Hero) formed in 2003 out of members from the power metal band Sons of Thunder and the doom/progressive influenced Veni Domine.  As many bands do, The Hero’s sound has evolved over time with Bless the Nation (2006) being groovy hard rock, Immortal (2009) and Afterlife (2013) shifting toward power metal and the sound on Miracles evolving even further.  Throughout the albums the one constant has been singer Michael Hero and the somber, baritone sound he has created.

Not having any idea of what to expect, I was still a bit surprised by “Kill the Monster”, the opening track on Miracles.  A distorted guitar lead with a full band counterpoint had me thinking that this was going to be something along the lines of power metal/hard rock, but then the guitars went away, the piano came in, and that smooth, dark baritone voice of Michael Hero sounded out the verse and the direction of the song changed dramatically.  Throughout the song, the piano plays a key role and the vocals really add something special as the song twists and turns.  From the vocal standpoint, I get a vibe not unlike old Kutless and the overall song structure is vaguely reminiscent of something from their first album as well.  Production is clean, if perhaps a bit thin, but does showcase the vocals nicely without having them dominate everything else. Continue reading »

Dec 052016

1414341870_hero_2014_copy_7ddSwedish Gothic Rock/Metal Band ‘The HERO’ are excited to be back and bringing you their 4th full length release and first  new music since the release of their 2013 critically acclaimed album “Afterlife”. Back with brand new music coming straight from the heart, their new album is entitled “Miracles” and is set for release on CD, digital and Limited Edition Vinyl.

They may not be the hardest band out there, nor the fastest, but definitely an ‘Original’ band not to be compared to anyone. Having said that though this new album is heavy, yes! It’s beautiful, yes! It’s catchy. Yes! It’s gothic, yes! It’s dark, yes but most importantly at the end of the day it leaves you with Hope! Yes, that is ‘The HERO’ and we are excited to bring you “Miracles” this winter 2016.

 “Miracles” will be released on December 16th. via Roxx Records. Listen to the brand new song ‘Kill the Monster’ below.

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