Free Signed Michael Sweet Demos CD

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Aug 042017

Big news from the Michael Sweet online store: For a limited time, all orders of “One Sided War” merch come with a FREE autographed CD of previously unreleased demos!

A note from Michael: “This is the first music and demo that I recorded after I left Stryper in 1992. I thought these were all gone until I stumbled upon a box in storage. They are extremely rare and I’m offering them to you as a gift for purchasing any new Michael Sweet merchandise. Once they are gone they’re gone!” Continue reading »

Jul 212017

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet responds on his facebook to the ridiculously insensitive comments that people make, on the news of the death of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington:

I’ve been reading a lot of comments about Chester and suicide today. It’s an extremely sensitive subject and obviously a very big problem in our society & world today. Many people struggle with depression and loneliness and sadly sometimes it leads to loss of life.

What I’m pretty disturbed about are the people that are either joking about suicide and or who are angry and due to their anger, making ridiculously insensitive comments. That pisses me off!

We often feel the need (or feel we have the right) to chime in on things that we know nothing about. Obviously this is something that we need to work harder at (helping and reaching people) but the last thing we need to do is joke about it and call people cowards because they committed suicide. There lies the problem people – ignorant thoughts and comments from people who aren’t walking in the shoes of those who we have lost because of suicide. Continue reading »

Jul 062017

Stryper will enter the studio this fall to begin work on in its new album for an early 2018 release. Frontman Michael Sweet told Good Company in a new interview about the band’s planned follow-up to 2015’s “Fallen” (see video below): “We’re gonna start recording a new album in October — we start pre-production — and we’ll probably be done by before Christmas time, at the latest just after Christmas. It will come out — if I had to guess — probably around April.”

Asked if he feels any pressure having to come up with an album’s worth of material in such a short period of time, Sweet said: “I do, but I don’t [start writing well ahead of time], actually. I procrastinate a lot. So if I’m traveling and I’m busy doing other things, I’ll put off [until] two, three weeks before the album writing the album. I’ve done that on the last three albums — ‘No More Hell To Pay’ [2013], ‘Fallen’ and [2016 solo disc] ‘One Sided War’. Those were all written just a few weeks before recording. It’s not the way I like to do things, it’s not the way things should be done, but I seem to be — for whatever reason — in that mindset. And hopefully for this new Stryper album, I can break that. I wanna start writing in July, ’cause I’m gonna have some time to do that, and try to come up with a good number of ideas long before we start recording them.” Continue reading »

May 132017

Michael Sweet frontman of legendary hardrock band Stryper have checked in with the following update:

Stryper has seen a lot over the past 33 years. Good times/bad times, ups & downs, smiles and tears but by the grace of God we’re still here. Stryper is still going! Why? Because it’s bigger than any one of us, its purpose is beyond any one of us and the goal has nothing to do with us – it has everything to do with God and His calling on this band.

As long as The Calling is there we will be there. Ready to serve and ready to rock. The ball is rolling on a brand new studio album and we’re ready for something new, recharged and revised. We can’t wait to get into the studio and record and we can’t wait to hit the road in 2018. Amazing things are ahead of us and this band will be stronger and better than ever.

Thank you all for standing by what we do – M Continue reading »

Dec 042016

Stryper Aug 2014Legendary hard rockers Stryper will continue making albums and touring despite the band’s recent announcement that they will “take a hiatus” in early 2017.

Asked by Nick of the WSOU radio station if Stryper was still planning to go on a break following the completion of the recent tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of their multi-platinum album “To Hell With The Devil”, frontman Michael Sweet said (hear audio below): “Well, some choices were made that affected the band and made us have to step back — kind of forced us to step back — and re-evaluate who we are and how we’re gonna continue. Without going into all the gory details… That being said, we have no plans of stopping. I mean, we had considered it and thought, well, maybe we should, but then we realized, well, that’s just fair to us, that’s not fair to the fans. So we’re gonna continue on for sure, we just don’t know how and when exactly.”

Sweet also talked about whether it’s likely that Stryper will carry on without bassist Tim Gaines, whose “personal matters” were previously revealed to be the reason for the band’s hiatus plans.

“Well, I mean, that remains to be seen, but it’s very possible, and I’d probably go as far as to say even probable,” Michael said. ‘But we don’t really know quite yet. It’s something that very well could happen, absolutely.” Continue reading »