Feb 232016

Deliverance.logoVeteran metallers Deliverance are confirmed to play this years Exodo Festival. This will be their first time in Mexico. The festival will be held next month, 24 – 26 March. More information visit Exodo‘s website.

Deliverance was founded by Jimmy P. Brown II in 1985, many members have either stayed in the lineup for a number of years, or left and returned to the lineup. Jimmy P. Brown II has been the only persistent member of Deliverance. Initially, the band played thrash metal band which later shifted more towards heavy metal and progressive metal.

Never say die! Deliverance, the veteran thrash band who’s styling’s also have taken them into progressive and alternative territories have opted to regroup once again with a new line up that finds former guitarist George Ochoa returning to the fold. Led by mainman and guitarist/vocalist Jimmy P. Brown II, this latest incarnation also features former Tourniquet bassist Victor Macias and former Crucified drummer Jim Chaffin. Following the release of their last album, “Hear What I Say” in 2013, the Big D was said to be all but finished and headed for retirement. However, speaking with Jimmy Brown at a private Christmas party on Dec. 13th. at guitarist George Ochoa‘s home in California, it was revealed to The Metal Priest that only the previous lineup has been disbanded and that Deliverance in one form or another, will probably never end. Continue reading »