Nov 042015

Sean McCulloch_phinehasMetal-Cross sits down Face-To-Face with Sean McCulloch, lead singer of Phinehas, to discuss the Chi Rho, the Devil, demons, the stereotypical Christian church and the message of Phinehas. The video can be seen below.

Their latest album “Till the End” has been released on July 10th. through Artery Recordings.

Above the ashes of a dry and thirsty scene, where towers of pride rise and fall, stands Phinehas [FEHN-ee-uhs]. Formed in 2001 on the outskirts of Los Angeles, Phinehas is a band of Christians with the purpose of being a shining light amidst a dark scene.] They recognize that a message is only perceived as good as the messenger, so music quality holds an equally important role in their ministry. What initially began as a thrashy hardcore band has flourished into a brand of metal that not many can emulate. Continue reading »