Jul 172013

MetalForJesus_coverSo its been some time since I have written a review and its great to get back into the saddle again. Been just so busy with life in general, and the fact that my band is finishing up on some recordings, has made available time to do reviews a little thin. Well, that part of my life is coming to a close for awhile, which means I can get down to writing again. Which I love to do by the way.

Whats better to start the comeback than with this compilation release with some great bands such as Narnia, Audiovision, Devinefire, Golden Resurrection and Modest Attraction. I am sure you must know, or have heard one of these names if you have been into metal or are into metal. Its one of the strongest compilations I have heard in awhile, and the songs flow nicely into one another. “Metal for Jesus” compilation is a great compilation for any metal-head collector. Its an album that comprises of seventeen metal songs that introduces you to some of the best Christian metal music out of Sweden. This release is also so much more than the music itself, its also about the message it brings. Continue reading »

Jul 102013

MetalForJesus_pic_Johannes_Christian‘Metal Community Sweden’ & ‘Doolittle Group’ presents ‘The Metal For Jesus’ Compilation. The Metal For Jesus album is a 17 track compilation album and a good introduction to Christian metal from Sweden featuring bands as Narnia, Divinefire, Golden Resurrection, Audiovision and Modest Attraction. The album will be released worlwide August 30.

The man behind this album vision and concept to release “The Metal For Jesus” album is Johannes Jonsson who has written the liner notes in the booklet and also chosen each and every song. Johannes runs the Metal Community in Sweden who is a driving force for Christian Metal in Scandinavia. Continue reading »