Jun 052018

Massachusetts metallers Killswitch Engage have signed with Metal Blade Records. The band’s upcoming album will be made available through Sony Music Entertainment outside of North America.

Metal Blade‘s CEO/founder Brian Slagel commented: “I have been a huge fan and friend of Killswitch for a long time, so it is truly an honor to be able to work with them. So happy to welcome them to the Metal Blade family.”

Added Killswitch singer Jesse Leach: “I’m beyond stoked to sign with the legendary Metal Blade Records and Columbia/Sony Music. It’s clear they truly understand and believe in what we do as a band, and we’re psyched to have them on our side. It’s an exciting new chapter for Killswitch Engage and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.” Continue reading »

Hamferð – “Támsins likam”

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Mar 182018

Faroaese doom metal band Hamferð return with the third part of their trilogy, Támsins likam, an album that is at once crushing and beautiful.

Often, where a band is from can have a great impact on their sound and  Hamferð  hail from Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, which lie roughly between Norway and Iceland in the North Atlantic. Culturally, the islands have their roots in Nordic culture but due to the relative isolation, many of the movements that swept across Europe never made the jump to the Faroe islands, so they maintain a strong traditional culture that draws on stories of hardship, unpredictable weather, superstition, and history. Within this setting the band developed, forming in 2008 releasing one ep and two albums of a conceptual trilogy, Vilst er síðsta fet (ep, 2010), the critically acclaimed Evst (2013) and now, Támsins likam. As with previous recordings the band recorded at Studio Bloch in the Faroe Islands but this time had Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, Soilwork, Dimmu Borgir) mix the album in his Dugout Production Studios.

Being that this is advertised as doom metal and given the sometimes what I imagine to be bleak environment the band  originates from, one can enter the listening experience with a good bit of expectation around what is to come.  Singer Jón Aldará described the album as marking “the beginning of the end. It’s the third and final part of our reverse chronological saga, which explores mortality and the perverting nature of loss through the lens of Faroese culture and mythology.”  Certainly heavy topics and the much like on the previous album Evst, the band delivers amazing performances filled with nuance and emotion, heavy and crushing, and yet, beautiful. Continue reading »

Jan 102018

On January 26th, Metal Blade Records will re-issue As I Lay Dying‘s classic albums on vinyl for fans: “Frail Words Collapse” (2003) and “Shadows Are Security” (2005). See below for an overview of all versions;  Continue reading »

Wovenwar – “Honor Is Dead”

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Dec 262017

Honor Is Dead brings light in the dark with sheer pounding rifts and epic solos. Wovenwar hit you for six with their adrenaline pumped sound and thrash their way into pure brilliance.

Spawning out of San Diego USA, Wovenwar were formed from some original members of As I Lay Dying plus a new frontman. Honor Is Dead is their second released album following on from their original self titled album released back in 2014, which had widespread critical acclaim with the album reaching No. 36 on the US Billboard charts, pretty impressive.

Wovenwar’s musical style has been described as hard rock, alternative metal, melodic metalcore and modern heavy metal. Honor Is Dead is quite diverse in its style between songs which is interesting, along with faster and slower paced songs, so great variation across the album. HID feels quite experimental at times, a band still finding themselves. The artwork of the album is gothic, industrial. Continue reading »

Dec 052017

Doomster Hamferð from the Faroe Islands will release their new album “Támsins likam” January 12th via Metal Blade Records.

The band has now released a brand new video for the 2nd single ‘Frosthvarv’. The video can be watched below.

Comments Hamferð: “For years we have been working towards using video material to bring a visual aspect to our music. But not until now have we been able to produce something with the quality that we always strive for. We are extremely pleased to have found the right group of people to work with, and we believe the result to be something truly special.”

Afterwards watch the lyric video for the first single ‘Hon syndrast’ below. You can pre-order the album in the following formats: Continue reading »