Feb 162021

Temperance will release their new acoustic EP, “Melodies Of Green And Blue,” this upcoming Friday, February 19 via Napalm Records! The new single, ‘Paint The World’, is one of the six acoustic renditions of songs from their critically acclaimed album, “Viridian,” found on the melodic/symphonic metal outfit’s new EP. After many years of band history and tours with genre giants like Nightwish, Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody and Tarja. Temperance will release “Melodies Of Green And Blue” – a gift to their loyal fans!

On this acoustic version, sparkling musical production hits multi-layered vocal harmonies in a dense and catchy acoustic composition. With ‘Paint The World’, Temperance invites you into a stripped back musical setting, offering glorious melodies and rich chords to pleasantly get lost in!

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Jan 192021

Temperance has released a brand new song off their upcoming acoustic EP “Melodies Of Green And Blue“! Among six acoustic renditions off “Viridian,” ‘Evelyn‘ is one of two brand new songs off the melodic/symphonic metal outfit’s new acoustic EP. After many years of band history and tours with genre giants like Nightwish, Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody and TarjaTemperance will release, “Melodies Of Green And Blue,” on February 19, 2021 via Napalm Records.

Right from the start of the song, ‘Evelyn’ sets the tone for a one of a kind acoustic ballad. Alessia Scolletti, Marco Pastorino and Michele Guaitoli each show off their powerful vocal abilities before coming together for the final, cathartic chorus, backed by marvelous acoustic soundscapes.

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