Feb 022016

Mauce_nlFestival-2016-A4_68cWe could never have dreamed about what The Metal Resource was going to be like when we started in June 2006. We took a private spare domain (mauce.nl) of one of the founders and installed a content management system (CMS). Just for fun… just to play a bit. Now, 10 years later, we’re no longer ‘playing’ but are a serious webzine with an international team working their socks off. We want to thank all bands, event organizers, labels and venues we’ve worked with the past 10 years. To celebrate our 10 year anniversary we are proud to announce that we will celebrate this with a metal festival on June 18th 2016! Thanks to all!

Six bands will perform this evening: Pantokrator (SE), My Silent Wake (UK), The Royal (NL), La-Ventura (NL), Undawn (NL), The Memory Remains (NL).

The Swedish death metal band Pantokrator returns after nine years to the Netherlands, to play an exclusive show at our anniversary festival.
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