Matty Mullins – “Unstoppable”

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Jun 202017

We all know Matty Mullins as the frontman of the popular metalcore-band Memphis May Fire. But his solo-albums are as far from metal as the east is from the west. When we take a close look on his website there is stated the following:

“A warm-hearted Contemporary Christian pop singer with a gentle laugh, gregarious smile, and moving melodic gift, Matty Mullins shares the hope of the Gospel on Unstoppable, a sophomore album as outwardly improbable as it was, in fact, spiritually inevitable. Unstoppable is a collection of songs full of joy and worship, anchored in authenticity and earnest truthfulness, unafraid to declare victory over real brokenness.”

This looks like a contradiction but Matty has more on his sleeve than just metalcore and why should a musician stick only to one genre? Especially when a man such as Matty Mullins is passionate about his faith and he wants to express himself through Spirit-filled anthems, which led to a calling to make an impassioned musical declaration of faith that led to the creation of Mullins self-titled solo debut, which debuted at #66 on the Billboard 200 in the fall of 2014. Featuring worshipful supplications like “See You in Everything” and “More of You”. Continue reading »

Apr 202017

BEC Recordings’ artist Matty Mullins releases a new lyric music video today for his hit single ‘Unstoppable (feat. Jordan Feliz).’ The video features Mullins and Feliz walking around some of downtown Nashville’s most scenic attractions. The video can be watched below.

This week, ‘Unstoppable’ landed at No. 5 on the Hot AC/CHR chart after being the highest debuted single in the Top 30. The song is intended to be an anthem for anyone who feels utterly hopeless, reaching for something real, in hopes that they may find peace in the one who loves them most. Continue reading »

Mar 122016

Pretty_Lies_2016_8feAlternative rock band Veridia reached No. 1 on the Billboard U.S. Christian Rock Chart for the second time with their latest single, ‘Pretty Lies’ (Their first single to do it was ‘We are the Brave’) The band released a music video for the track, a song which features Memphis May Fire frontman Matty Mullins. The track comes of their “Pretty Lies” EP which is released Sept. 25th of last year.

The video, directed by Matt DeLisi, expounds on the theme of the song, an impossible chase for perfection. About the track vocalist Deena Jakoub says:

“The idea is that we waste too much time comparing ourselves to other people and to these images of people that aren’t real.” Continue reading »

Jun 112015

Matty Mullins (2015)Watch the video below where Memphis May Fire frontman Matty Mullins gets his neck tattoo by London Reese.

Memphis May Fire will release a deluxe edition of their most recent studio album, “Unconditional,” on July 17 via Rise Records. The effort will contain two new songs and acoustic versions of ‘Beneath The Skin’ and ‘Need To Be.’

Check out a brand new song called ‘My Generation’ below. You’ll get ‪’My Generation‬’ instantly if you pre-order the album on iTunes. You can also purchase the single by itself if you already have “Unconditional.” Continue reading »

May 242015

Matty Mullins (2015)Memphis May Fire frontman & solo artist Matty Mullins teams up with his dad & brother to perform the timeless Hymn ‘What A Friend We Have In Jesus’. Check out the video below.

Memphis May Fire, Formed in 2004, they have released four studio albums and two EP’s to date. Their latest & fourth album, “Unconditional”, was released on March 25, 2014 by Rise Records and distributed by Fontana Distribution. Continue reading »