Apr 282020

Mantric, the prog-influenced supergroup comprised of members of Extol, have dropped their Solid State Records debut last Friday (April 24th). Their third album is more straightforward an accessible, while keeping the originality and creativity, that these songwriters are known for, intact. Mantric will now without doubt reach out to a much broader audience than they have in the past

“False Negative” takes you on a chaotic listening voyage, expanding the metal genre while maintaining its grit, incorporating synths and cleaner vocals with aggressive instrumentation.

The entire “False Negative” album can be streamed below.

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Jun 052015

mantric_2015Mantric recently signed to Norwegian record label Loyal Blood Records & will release the new 3 song “Die Old” EP on June 19th. A new track can be streamed at metalsucks. Vocalist Ole Sveen has the following to say:

‘We know you’ve been waiting five long years…and so have we. But here – finally – new material from Mantric! We’re happy to announce that we have signed a deal with Bergen’s hardcore-pride Loyal Blood Records, where they know what it’s like making music with your heart, and not your ego nor your greedy wallet. Later this year, they’ll give you the whole album, but first you’ll get the three-song ep “Die Old”. Slightly more poppy than most of the album, you’ll get the catchy rock-oriented title-track, a 70s progrock track and a coversong of the Cardigans. Continue reading »