Mar 122018

Roxx Records is pleased to announce our next special Limited Edition remaster and reissue with you, it was a very personal one for us and quite the undertaking for all involved. We are very proud to bring the music and story of Los Angeles California’s very own Malachia back to life for everyone to enjoy!

Malachia burst in to the Christian Metal scene in 1984 and were very well received with a metal style very reminiscent of early Queensryche. The bands very first full release was on vinyl only and very limited to only around 200 copies and was titled “Under The Blade” this vinyl release is nearly impossible to find today unless you are willing to pay high dollar for a copy on the very rare occasion one pops up on the market. It was also released in limited quantity on cassette, but never on CD.

Up next the band would release what could be considered their swan song with the full length album “Red Sunrise” that was available on vinyl and cassette tape only, never officially on CD. All the while the band was playing live anywhere and everywhere they possibly could. Playing many shows including making some festival appearances like the Metal Mardi Gras show in California in 1987. Continue reading »