Majestica – “A Christmas Carol”

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Jan 222021

To be frank and honest I normally not the biggest fan of Christmas albums, as I feel they often cheesy and smell of record companies trying to make money out of a seasonal event. A lot of time they come across rushed and thin in originality. So I often do not pay much attention to them. I will be honest when this arrived on my desk I was like oh why me?! Why do they want to punish me? Don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike Christmas music, but to be honest most of it’s really rubbish. So I decided to give the Symphonic/power metaller’s Majestica the benefit of the doubt, mainly due to their linage of exceptional musical talent. Also a huge fan of Tommy, so was not about to cast him into a pit of fire for making a Christmas al

It’s a pity I did not get this during the Christmas period, as this is a nice stocking find. Look it’s not the first time a metal Christmas album has been done, and some of have been real toilet releases, besides I actually do like the few Rob Holford’s Christmas releases because quality is always stellar. 2020 saw a rapid increase of Christmas albums, possibly due to time on hand because of the pandemic. So a lot more albums to vomit over. This moves me to “A Christmas Carol” by Majestica, formerly known as ReinXeed (Changed name when signed to Nuclear Blast in 2019) which one can hear from the extent of musicianship and quality of arrangements was an ambitious project, which was not quickly mashed potatoed together to fill the stomach of the band or the label. It is filled with showmanship and quality offering a really decent Christmas power metal project. The album see’s Majestica take on the beloved holiday fable of Ebenzer Scrooge and his journey to find meaning in Christmas. In some ways this musical endeavour reminds me like those Christmas movies that actually put a real smile on your face, not the fake one from getting that horrible knitted jersey from your aunt type that she want you to immediately show off to the neighbourhood.

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Jan 072021

With Majestica and Morgarten we again booked two beautiful bands for the Brainstorm Festival 2021, which will be held on Friday the 5th and Saturday the 6th of November. Earlier Narnia, Leaves’ Eyes, Eric Clayton and the Nine and Temperance were confirmed.

With Majestica (SE) we gain a special band for the festival. The band around singer/guitarist Tommy Johansson was previously active under the name ReinXeed. After joining Sabaton Tommy transformed his own band into Majestica. Count on a delicious dose of power metal.

Things are very different with Morgarten (CH). The Swiss play folk metal and provide their melodies with fierce black metal. The band will present their new album at the Brainstorm Festival, which will be released to the Dutch public in the course of this year.

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Dec 042020

Swedish power metal heroes Majestica have released their new Christmas musical power metal album entitled “A Christmas Carol.” Its pure symphonic power metal in the true Majestica spirit along with elements inspired by the likes of Twilight Force, Rhapsody, Alan Silvestri, Danny Elfman and John Williams

To celebrate the release, the band has also revealed a video for their new single ‘The Joy Of Christmas’.

Bassist Chris David comments: “I’m so excited to release this album today, together with a new music video for ‘The Joy Of Christmas’! We have literally been working day and night to be able to release the record, music videos, and our Christmas calendar this year. ‘The Joy Of Christmas’ is a little side track from the original story of A Christmas Carol, it’s a dream and the thoughts of Bob Cratchit, so we can hear the story through Bob’s eyes and really know how he feels.  It’s also the first Majestica ballad!  2020 might have been a very different and challenging year for many out there, but with this album, we hope we can at least bring some joy and happiness to the end of this year. Even if you can’t celebrate Christmas like you usually do!”

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Dec 012020

In 2019 the Swedish power metal heroes Majestica released their debut album “Above The Sky” and it became a huge success within the metal community. Now in 2020 they are back with not only a new album, but a special treat for their fans: a Christmas musical power metal album entitled “A Christmas Carol”. It’s pure symphonic power metal in the true Majestica spirit along with elements inspired by the likes of Twilight Force, Rhapsody, Alan Silvestri, Danny Elfman and John Williams. Today, the band release a music video for their second single ‘Ghost Of Marley’.

Bassist Chris David comments: “This is the very first song that Majestica have released that is a duet with two lead voices, and it’s also our first music video with theatrical play. ‘Ghost of Marley’ is a conversation between the main character of “A Christmas Carol” Ebenezer Scrooge, who gets visited by the ghost of his old co-worker Jacob Marley. The video features myself as Marley and Tommy as Scrooge. Personally for me this has been one of the most challenging songs I have recorded to this date, both musically and visually but it was a lot of fun!”

The video can be watched below.

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Nov 272020

Swedish power metal band, Majestica, announces “A Christmas Carol” Christmas calendar with the following message:

“Get ready for the Majestica Christmas Calendar! We will surprise you with very special content everyday from December 1st until December 24th, telling the story of ‘A Christmas Carol’ from start to finish! Each day you will find a new piece of the story on all our socials. Make sure to check the calendar everyday for some giveaways, too.”

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