Sep 032017

Everyone’s favorite Scandinavian blackened death metal band from Illinois (Missouri) is back with their fourth full-length release that is chock full of their characteristic pounding drums and driving riffs with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

For those not in the know, A Hill to Die Upon, despite the Scandinavian black/death metal sound, actually originated in central Illinois.  In 2008, the band recorded a demo and were signed to Bombworks Records and in 2009 released Infinite Titanic Immortal Omens (2011)was the second release by the band and had a darker feel to it, which some critics liked more than others, but due to the overall strength of the album, even those who were not enthusiastic about it, still rated it highly.  The recording of the the band’s third album Holy Despair was fraught with challenges unlike the 8 day process for Omens as Adam Cook’s basement studio flooded, delaying things several months.  In the end, Holy Despair (2014) was also met with critical acclaim.  In addition to the critical acclaim for the studio work, the band is equally impressive live, especially with the impact the corpse paint brings to the overall feeling as the band seeks to “engage as many of the senses as possible” according to Michael in an interview for HM magazine.  The band has played a variety of festivals over the years including the mighty Cornerstone Festival (several times), Destruction Fest in London, Elements of Rock, and Nordic Fest as well as sharing the band with many legendary and notorious bands, including recently sharing the stage with Deicide, a band directly opposed to Christian beliefs of AHTDU band members.  For Via Artis Via Mortis, the band signed to Luxor Records, Adam Cook and Nolan Osmond handled the recording while Joseph Calliero took care of the mixing and mastering.

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