Jul 142019

Lucifer Impaled, the new up-and-coming war metal and black metal project, has officially released their debut EP, “Blood, War, Supremacy” through The Bearded Dragon Productions, home to bands such as Proven Existence, Mystic Winter, Exalted Saviour, and Come to Pass.

“Basically I wanted to do something different, something that resembled my influences and taste of metal. I just got tired of hearing the same repetitive black metal stuff coming out of the Christian metal world and wanted to bring some change to move this scene forward.” the ambiguous Goat Desecrator stated. “I also thought it fitting since war metal was defined in Canada. It would be a killer idea to be the first one to carry the torch as a believer. So the Lord had me create Lucifer Impaled and hence Blood. War. Supremacy.”

The EP was released on July 12, 2019, through The Bearded Dragon Productions. Physical copies will be made available through The Bearded Dragon Productions and Blackened Label Records.

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May 302019

The rising war metal power known as Lucifer Impaled has joined the growing roster of The Bearded Dragon Productions, known as the Draak Herd.

The project, formed and manned by the enigmatic ‘Goat Desecrator’ has progressed his project onward, releasing two singles since their formation in 2018 – ‘Blood, War, Supremacy’ and ‘Nuclear Desecration Of Satanic Might’.

The project’s upcoming release, an EP sharing the title of their debut single, “Blood, War, Supremacy”, will be released through The Bearded Dragon Productions soon. Continue reading »