Jun 262019

Check out the video below. how Signum Regis‘ new singer Jota Fortinho sounds on one of the older tracks. Live performance of ‘Lost And Found’ from the 2015 album “Chapter IV: The Reckoning”

Signum Regis are also happy to announce, that they will play at Elements Of Rock 2020 in Uster, Switzerland. The band states: “We are very much looking forward to it!”

Jota was born in Brazil and played in numerous bands before he moved to Europe. He was invited to join Signum Regis in 2018. The band was very impressed by his previous work and also his interpretation of some of the older Signum Regis songs. Continue reading »

Oct 162015

signum_regis_band_2015_The melodic metal band Signum Regis just released a lyric video for the track ‘Lost And Found’ online. Their new album “Chapter IV: The Reckoning” will be released on November 20th in Europe and North America through Ulterium Records.

Band founder Ronnie König comments about the new album:

“It was the plan since get go, to make our best album so far. After releasing the EP earlier this year, it was clear that the bar was set pretty high. We worked very hard and we believe that we managed to lift the bar even higher in every aspect. Some of the songs on the album will become the classics of Signum Regis, that’s for sure. There will be 10 new songs on the album, none of them appeared on the EP, which makes both the album and the “Through The Storm EP” a good buy for the fans.” Continue reading »