Jun 152015

IS_Live at the final FrontierWhen a metal band has been around for 19 years, one has rather high expectations of what they can bring in a live show.  Iron Savior is one of those bands that has been around a long time and now after 19 years, they are releasing a live album recorded at a show in their hometown of Hamburg.  For those who haven’t heard of Iron Savior, you really need to change that.  Imagine a driving blend of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal sound combined with the likes of the best power metal bands, great musicianship and some exceptionally strong vocals that bring to mind Dio, Gilliam, with some Bruce Dickinson.  Live at the Final Frontier covers songs from across their career, with a bit of an emphasis on last year’s Rise of the Hero and serves as a great introduction to a great band.

Iron Savior has a rather storied history, being formed in 1996 in Hamburg, Germany by ex-Helloween members Pat Sielck and Kai Hansen and Thomen Stauch who was the drummer for Blind Guardian at the time.  The idea was to form a power metal band that would be influenced by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal in sound and have science fiction themed lyrics.  Continue reading »

May 092015

IS_ROTH-P01It took almost 20 years for German power metal masters Iron Savior to release a Live DVD/CD. The band, founded in 1996 by Piet Sielck, Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray) and Thomen Stauch (ex-Blind Guardian), has unleashed eight studio albums since then and has just recently issued a reworked version (remixed, remastered, partly re-recorded) of their “Megatropolis” album, titled “Megatropolis 2.0”.

Now with their first ever DVD, Iron Savior will satisfy their fans again completely: “Live At The Final Frontier” includes the band’s recent hometown concert (Hamburg, January 2015) on DVD and 2CDs (as package in Digipak format). Additional bonus (video) material (backstage/concert) rounds off this extensive package, which is a must-have for all Iron Savior fans! Continue reading »