Jan 192019

Italian Symphonic metal band Ancient Bards have released a music video for their new single ‘Light’ the track appears on their new album “Origine – The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2”, which will be released January 25th. (USA street date 22. February). The video can be seen below.

The band says:Light is a very special track for all of us and we’re very proud of it. The hauntingly beautiful melodies Daniele wrote are mirrored by the powerful message the song wants to convey. We love ballads, and since ‘In My Arms’ was very appreciated it wasn’t an easy job to match it, but we have a feeling this might even top it. The video is the majestic work of our longtime friend and great director Matteo Ermeti Director – Filmmaker who did an excellent job in portraying the essence of the song into images.”

Ancient Bards’ fourth studio album titled “Origine – The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2” continues the fantasy story “The Black Crystal Sword Saga” the band has been telling through their music since 2010.

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Sep 202014

Veni  Domine 2014Swedish metallers Veni Domine have announced today that they are call it quits after 27 years. With this being said, also their show at Brainstorm Festival (November 8th) is cancelled. Their statement follows below:

‘With a heavy heart we bring you the news that we decided to put the band to sleep, it is no longer.’

’27 years that holds and keeps the full spectra of every emotion imaginable, not without sadness we left the table with the desicion unthinkeble but yet unineviteble.’

‘Time caught up with us and at the end of the day we found that trying keeping a band at a high level with all including parts is a task too timeconsuming to handle. On the horizon we saw it coming. Even though we steared clear of the horizon on many occasions the horizon moved closer, faster than expected this time.’ Continue reading »

Veni Domine – “Light”

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Jun 242014

VeniDomine_LightEpic progressive atmospheric doom power metal from Sweden.  Interested yet?  Those familiar with progressive metal and possibly doom metal will know the band Veni Domine, but those of us raised on punk rock, hardcore, with some metal thrown in, may not have heard of them.  Put simply, we’ve been missing out.  Veni Domine return after a seven year absence with Light, a 9 song, 67 minute album of epic proportions.

Veni Domine began way back in 1987 in Sweden and then took some time before releasing their debut album Fall Babylon Fall in 1992.  Perhaps this was a sign of things to come as new albums from Veni Domine sometime take a bit longer than one would expect and certainly longer than fan like to wait.  After the debut album, Material Sanctuary was released in 1994, Spiritual Wasteland in 1998, and then III: The Album of Labour in 2004.  Speaking before the release of III:  The Album of Labour, guitarist Torbjörn  indicated much of the music was written and recorded in 2000 but then there were label issues, studios flooding, and a singer with health issues that prolonged the release of that album.  Life and business often seem to find a way into things and Veni Domine is no exception to that rule.  The album 23:59 (2006) and Tongues (2007) came out in rapid succession but then fans were forced to wait seven long years for Light. Continue reading »