Sep 072018

Angel’s Fire is a Symphonic Metal band from Recife, Brazil. The band has been around for more than 10 years. Their first full-length album “O Conto” has been independently released in the beginning of this year.

The band writes on their Facebook profile: Our goal is to enchant and promote imaginary tales that lead people to reflect the greatness of the creator.

To get to know these guys a little bit better, check out the following chat we recently had with them.

TMR: Hey guys this is The Metal Resource from Holland, how are things going there in Brazil ?

As always, a beautiful sunny day. In a preparatory period to the presidential elections. Continue reading »

Jun 182018

One of the biggest names in South America Christian metal scene, the Brazilian Heavy Metal band Dynasty releases again, through streaming services, their entire discography. From the first demo tape (released in 1997) till the last studio album, called “Step By Step” (released in 2017).

The band desires that everyone can feel the same the first fans had felt when they listened to the early works, so no remix neither remasters were done. Original sound, original feeling, original power! Continue reading »

Jun 062018

The Brazilian Groove/Thrash Metal band Legacy Of Kain have announced in a facebook post that Angelo Torquetto (picture) has stepped down as guitarist..

The band said that: “Separation never is a victory. Our great friend and co-founder Angelo Torquetto unfortunately will leave us this week. We will miss you but respect your decision to focusing in new projects. All the luck and success to you Angelo on this new path!” Continue reading »

May 052018

Recently, the Brazilian Hardcore/Metal band Social Disparity released the “Aclamada Live Session”, when the band entered RC Studio and played songs from their first album and 2 songs from an upcoming and still unnamed EP

This is the first official release from the band with the new line-up, that consist of Jobel Rangel (vocals), Bob Nielsen (guitar), Mathäus Forti (bass) and Eduardo Reis (drums).

The band have finished the mastering process of their new EP that will be released hopefully in this semester.

Watch the full video below: Continue reading »

May 032018

The Thrash/Groove Metal band Legacy of Kain, one of the great Brazilian highlights in the 2017, has just announced its newest member, bassist Felipe Mata, a musician who has played with the bands Almost Underground and Lords of Aesir, and he is also part of Tritura.

Felipe arrives to consolidate the formation of Legacy Of Kain, which already prepares material for the successor of the highly praised album “I.N.V.E.R.S.O,” has been released on Oct. 25th.

“We are already composing and in the pre-production phase of our next album. The headbangers will soon have an idea of how the material is getting, because we are going to release a single track before the new album,” said guitarist Angelo Torquetto. Continue reading »