Mar 232019

After a long wait, finally the Brazilian death metal band Implement releases its first full length, called “Bleeding Alone”.

With the production started in 2016 in Mr. Prog. Studio in their hometown Recife and with the production, mix and master by Nenel Lucena (Bride, N.O.G), the album shows us a powerful death metal sound with elements of thrash metal and grindcore, for fans of Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and Crimson Thorn.

Drummer Angelo Acacio says that this period marks “the beginning of a new age,because this cd shows all our evolution, experience and professionalism that the band achieved in almost 17 years of existence”. Continue reading »

Mar 112019

Originally released as lyric video at the end of January this year, ‘Sujo / Imundo’ is one of the new singles from the Brazilian Groove/Thrash Metal band Doomsday Hymn, which has been getting a good acceptance of the group’s fan base, besides being broadcast on radio stations in Brazil, Argentina, The United States and Europe.

As part of a planning orchestrated since before the band officially went back to their activities, is released last friday (March 8), the EP “Sujo/imundo – RemiXes” where friends of the band, there are producers too, had the opportunity to deconstruct the track and remount it accordingly with ther thoughts.
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Feb 282019

The Brazilian Thrash/Groove metal band band Legacy Of Kain is in the process of recording “Paralelo XI”, album that will succeed the praised debut “I.N.V.E.R.S.O.” (2017) and invited Fernanda Lira from the band Nervosa to make a guest vocal participation.

On February 25 Karim Serri, guitarist and the producer from Legacy Of Kain went to the city of São Paulo and accompanied Fernanda‘s recordings at Sputnik Home Studio with the assistance of Michel Oliveira. According to the musician “Fernanda is extremely talented. We needed a voice with presence and melodic dynamism for a cover song that we wanted to record and our press manager gave us the idea to call her. When we make the conversations, they flowed well and she liked a lot the idea that we ended up planning to participate in a song of their own too, this time making use of their characteristic vociferations (laughs). “ Continue reading »

Feb 132019
The Brazilian Heavy/Power Metal band Prelúdio X had released a few days ago on their Youtube Channel, a live video for the track ’Precioso Sargue’ (Precious Blood), taken from their EP “Triunfo da Vida” (Triumph Of Life). But the band had some problems with the video, so the old version was erased.
Now, a new version, that mix the audio form the studio recording with scenes from the Oktober Only Rock 2018 concert, when the band receive Gleice Vieira (Lilium Viate) as special guest vocal in ’Precioso Sangue’ (Precious Blood)
The video can be seen below.

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Feb 052019

Coming to celebrate the first anniversary from the release of the album “O Conto” (The Tale), the brazilian symphonic/power metal band Angel’s Fire still promoting the work (that is receiving a lot of good reviews through the world), now with an official video to the song “Meu Desejo” (My Desire).

The video was produced by Lumos and mix the studio version (Nenel Lucena from Bride and N.O.G. made a feat as guest vocals) with scenes from the band playing in the Oktober Only Rock, a festival that happened in your homeland Recife last year. Prelúdio X, Antidemon and Alíria also played in the same fest.
The video can be watched below.

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