Jul 282019

The Brazilian symphonic metal band Perpetual Legacy just revealed on their social networks the cover artwork of the new single, which will be released on August 7th.

The song named ‘119 – Theme Of My Songs’ was recorded at Estúdio Melodia with production, mixing and mastering by Arthur Inácio. Carlos Fides of ArtSide Studio created the cover art.  .

‘119 – Theme Of My Songs’ will be available in all digital platforms on August 7th and will soon be released as a lyric video. In this recording the band had the participation of Gustavo Magalhães (Dark Avenger, Vougan) on bass and Renan Costa (Soul Factor) on drums, which brilliantly contributed to make possible the desired result. Continue reading »

May 302019

After releasing an EP with some of their first recordings,, the Brazilian Symphonic Metal band Lilium Vitae has already started recording what will be their first full length album.

The album (which still does not have a name) is being recorded at JA Studio in the city of Camaragibe / PE and is produced by Joel Lima, who is also responsible for Prelúdio X‘s “Triunfo Da Vida” EP, and is scheduled to launch in the second half of this year.

In the video below you can see drummer Tarcílio Soares recording some songs. Continue reading »

Apr 152019

As anyone who follows metal knows, Brazil has produced some great bands and has an active metal scene.  After an extended hiatus since 2012, Prelúdio X from Recife, Brazil have released Triunfo da Vida which is actually re-recorded tracks from a 2009 project Origem with their new lineup.

I do question by bands feel the need for intro tracks that are not full on band instrumentals, especially on an ep, but  Triunfo Da Vida opens up with Gênesis, a moody atmospheric keyboard piece that has some waves crashing or thunder in the background.  The full band portion of the ep starts with “Origem” and from the opening riff and keyboards establishes this as being within power metal.  From a production standpoint, everything is clear but the Portuguese vocals a bit muted.  Within power metal, guitars and vocals are really the components of the sound that stand out and in this case, the guitars are more prominent due to the quieter mix on the vocals.  Musically, “Origem” has a nice flow as one would expect in a power metal song and there are some brief guitar flourishes that add interesting elements,  but they do seem a bit abrupt and short. Continue reading »

Mar 232019

After a long wait, finally the Brazilian death metal band Implement releases its first full length, called “Bleeding Alone”.

With the production started in 2016 in Mr. Prog. Studio in their hometown Recife and with the production, mix and master by Nenel Lucena (Bride, N.O.G), the album shows us a powerful death metal sound with elements of thrash metal and grindcore, for fans of Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and Crimson Thorn.

Drummer Angelo Acacio says that this period marks “the beginning of a new age,because this cd shows all our evolution, experience and professionalism that the band achieved in almost 17 years of existence”. Continue reading »

Mar 112019

Originally released as lyric video at the end of January this year, ‘Sujo / Imundo’ is one of the new singles from the Brazilian Groove/Thrash Metal band Doomsday Hymn, which has been getting a good acceptance of the group’s fan base, besides being broadcast on radio stations in Brazil, Argentina, The United States and Europe.

As part of a planning orchestrated since before the band officially went back to their activities, is released last friday (March 8), the EP “Sujo/imundo – RemiXes” where friends of the band, there are producers too, had the opportunity to deconstruct the track and remount it accordingly with ther thoughts.
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