Aug 132017

Do you know Jack ? radio host Jack Antonio calls up Believer guitarist Kurt Bachman to talk about the band’s latest 2 song ep “II of 5”. The guys chat about Believer‘s evolving sound, the chances of Believer streaming or rereleasing the classic “Extraction” and “Sanity” records, the band’s current relationship with Metal Blade Records and soooooooo much more! You can listen to the chat below.

Progressive metallers Believer are back with new music. New songs from Believer will be released throughout 2017, culminating in the release of a physical product to be announced later this year. Believer fans will enjoy (or not) digital releases every few months with new artwork from Eye Level Studio’s Michael Rosner to accompany each release. The second installment, titled “2 of 5,” contains two songs and is released via Trauma Team Productions on July 10. The songs were mixed by Kevin Gutierrez at Assembly Line Studios and mastered by Bill Wolf of Wolf Productions. Continue reading »

Mar 172017

Believer guitarist Kurt Bachman answers some pressing fan questions from Do you know Jack ? radio host Jack Antonio. Why the long hiatus? Is the Believer product still viable? Why the change in sound on the latest tracks? Did Believer “invent” symphonic metal? and many other things!!! Jack and Kurt have a great rapport and it definitely shows in this chat! You can listen to the chat below.

Believer‘s latest album,“Transhuman”, has been released in April 2011 via Metal Blade Records. The CD was produced by Trauma Team Productions and was mixed by Kevin Gutierrez [Raven, Project: Failing Flesh, Deceased, Dysrythmia, Garden Of Shadows] at Assembly Line Studios in Virginia. The mastering duties were handled by Maor Appelbaum of Maor Appelbaum Mastering in Los Angeles. Continue reading »

Jan 142015

believer-thrashIt’s been a while since we heard something from Pennsylvania-based technical thrash metal veterans Believer. Below you can watch a short video by vocalist Kurt Bachmann.

In Feb. 2012, Kurt Bachman stated about the writing process for the new Believer album: “The writing for the basic tune parts [is] almost complete. We’re shooting, again, [to have] 12 tunes [on the CD], maybe 13. We’ll see.” He continues “I feel that this will be the most sensual of all Believer releases. Once again we are striving to create something unique while not throwing away any riff just because it might not fit the typical Believer mold. This is part of the process we love and hate. We love being creative, yet we place intense pressure on ourselves to write something we’ll enjoy hearing and playing at least 2060 times. Of course, we are sticking to our two main goals: 1) Have fun and 2) Don’t die in the process.” Continue reading »

Dec 272012

believer-thrashA 17-minute video clip in which guitarist/vocalist Kurt Bachman of Pennsylvania-based technical thrash metal veterans Believer answers questions that were submitted by fans via Facebook can be seen below. Believer is preparing to enter the studio to begin recording its sixth album, due next year via Metal Blade Records.

“The writing for the basic tune parts [is] almost complete,” Bachman said. “Hopefully we’ll start recording the drums within the next couple of weeks here for the new record. We’re shooting, again, [to have] 12 tunes [on the CD], maybe 13. We’ll see.” Continue reading »

Believer – “Transhuman”

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Dec 072011

Re-activated metallers release conceptual album

Believer were originally known for their brand of technical thrash metal and released ‘Extraction From Mortality’ (1989), ‘Sanity Obscure’ (1990) and ‘Dimensions’ (1993). The main styles included raw guitar, brutal distortion, time changes and virtuoso riffs with raspy, screeching vocals. The two main band members are Kurt Bachman (vocals & guitar) and Joey Daub (drums).

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