May 052020

Killswitch Engage are releasing “Atonement II B-Sides For Charity“. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Covid-19 Relief Fund for the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (

The release will include six songs from the recording sessions for Killswitch Engage‘s 2019-released and Grammy-nominated album Atonement, out now via Metal Blade Records. It will be exclusively available on Bandcamp for a week as of today (May 1st). Check it out now at:

Atonement II B-Sides For Charity” will go live at all other DSPs on May 8th. The track-listing is below.

“These songs didn’t make the final cut for ‘Atonement‘,” says Leach. “Choosing which songs make an album remains a tough process for me. While the songs that made the most sense appear on the album, I’m still attached to every song I write. So, when the idea came up to put these B-Sides out and donate funds to a charity, I was relieved at the idea and the band unanimously agreed to the cause. I am proud these songs get to see a release, and to help others in the process is a huge bonus.”

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Nov 062019

Kilswitch Engage has announced a spring 2020 North American tour with August Burns Red.

The Massachusetts-based band, recently recognized by Forbes as “one of modern metal’s most cherished acts,” will return to the road to headline clubs and theaters across the U.S. and Canada. The trek kicks off on March 10 in Cleveland and runs through April 12 in Boston.

Additional acts appearing on the tour will be announced at a later date.

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Sep 202019

Killswitch Engage singer Jesse Leach has issued an update about the progress of the recording sessions for the new album from Times of Grace, his collaborative project with Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz.

He wrote on Instagram: “The new music has been complete for a while now just waiting for me to finish vocals. Adam D has been beyond patient for me to get through what seems like many obstacles, major life changes and more time than I’d like to admit it has taken me to face my demons long enough to write.

“The lyrics on this current album we are slowly working on are the deep, painful and soul searching type that can not be forced or faked. In fact even some of my most cherished ones thus far have not been up to par and I must dig deeper and deeper to find the proper words to convey what needs to be said.

“I want to thank my brother and musical soul mate Adam for his undying patience and sheer belief in my abilities. Even in times when I’ve doubted if I have enough snuff to keep up with his incredible drive and talent he has graciously reminded me I am worthy. I would also like to thank the 3rd official member of this project @holycrapzombies for his seriously amazing skills as a drummer and musician. He has been a close friend of ours since we toured with him as our drummer. He sounds absolutely phenomenal on this album! He had completed his drum parts over a year ago now and has been patiently waiting for the completion of vocals. Continue reading »

Aug 202019

‘The Signal Fire’, the new music video from Massachusetts metallers Killswitch Engage, can be seen below. The song, which features a guest appearance by former Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones, is taken from the band’s new album, “Atonement”, which was released on August 16 via Metal Blade Records in the U.S. and Sony Music Entertainment in the rest of the world. The electrifying performance clip was directed by the band’s longtime collaborator Ian McFarland (“The Godfathers Of Hardcore”Meshuggah).

“This video is a demonstration of solidarity and unity,” says Killswitch Engage singer Jesse Leach. “This is for the fans and this is our testimony to all who see this video. In these times we live in, I believe this is an important message — not just for us as a band and our fans but for all of humanity. This is a call for compassion and understanding! There is strength in unity.”

Leach continues: “The making of the video was a great experience as well. Just all of us guys hanging out and having fun together. Ian McFarland did a hell of a job capturing the vibe and energy of our performances.”

“It was another silly day at the office,” adds Jones. “Good food, lots of wrestling talk, and hanging with the boys is a great way to spend the day and get a little work done. Shoutout to Ian McFarland for making everything painless at the shoot. The day was all smiles — with a hint of metal.” Continue reading »

Aug 052019

The official music video for ‘I Am Broken Too’ the new single from Massachusetts metallers Killswitch Engage, can be seen below. The song is taken from Killswitch Engage‘s new album, “Atonement”, which will be released on August 16 via Metal Blade Records in the U.S. and Sony Music Entertainment in the rest of the world.

The band is donating a portion of the proceeds from ‘I Am Broken Too’ to Hope For The Day, a Chicago-based non-profit organization that focuses on suicide prevention by providing outreach and mental health education through the use of music and art.

“This song is very near and dear to my heart,” singer Jesse Leach explained. “I wanted the listener to feel the urgency, the heaviness of the topic as well as a possible connection. Many people suffer from mental illness in one form or another. I want nothing more than for people to feel like they are not alone in this struggle. There is always someone there to help, to listen, and to be there for you. Don’t lose hope and don’t let your brokenness consume you. Broken can be fixed, or at the very least, maintained. No one is alone in this fight.”

Leach added about the “I Am Broken Too” clip: “The video is a reflection of real-life events that loved ones have gone through. Kyle Cogan and Zack Stauffer did an amazing job of bringing it all to life. The result is a powerful video that captures the essence and desperation of the song.” Continue reading »