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Transatlantic — the multinational progressive rock supergroup featuring vocalist/keyboardist Neal Morse (Spock’s Beard, The Neal Morse Band), drummer Mike Portnoy (Sons of Apollo, ex-Dream Theater), bassist Pete Trewavas (Marrilion) and guitarist Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings) — is recording its fifth album in Varnhem, Sweden for an expected 2020 release.

On September 24, the group’s social media platforms posted a picture of the four musicians together in a recording studio, with the caption: “Is it really happening?” Four days later, Morse posted a picture of the quartet with the caption: “Transatlantic rides again!” That same day, Portnoy posted a picture from the studio captioned: “Making great progress here in Sweden on #TA5.” Continue reading »

Transatlantic – “Kaleidoscope”

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Apr 112014

Kaleidoscope (2014)Music is such a conversational piece and is able to bridge many gaps and cultures with its varying styles of expression, and like love, often succeeds where some things might fail. Its like watching a movie, and how powerful a scene is, not because of the acting or FX effects, but because of the accompanying music which without, that scene would have little or no impact at all. The right kind of music can orchestrate the right kind of mood for a specific experience or emotion.

Over the years there has grown an ever increasing variation of music some worthy of earplugs, whilst others worthy of stand up ovations, and more and more a cross over theme of genre’s are coming into acceptance that create original pieces that deserve recognition and a tip of the hat too. It does not mean they always going to be a popular choice or something you’ll choose to listen to every day, but  you would agree it’s good music.  Likewise some music is better experienced live than on a cd, and no matter how good your hi-fi system is, there are some music that can never really be captured in truth or its energy like when the band plays live. Some music is only meant to be enjoyed in a live setting even if they are able to slam dunk it on a cd.

The progressive music scene is an interesting one, I have always been a fan of progressive jazz, and can spin progressive jazz albums on my record player for hours, and in general the progressive music scene whether rock, jazz or whatever make for a thrilling and entertaining live experience that almost always over shadows their cd expression of the music experience. Continue reading »