Dec 112013

Jeff CarlsenThey had just returned from Germany, for a performance at Christmas Rock Night with Bloodgood. If Les & Joyce Carlsen hear terrible news about their son Jeff. Below a message from Joyce:

‘For those of you who have not yet heard, my son, Jeff went home to be with Jesus yesterday afternoon. Les and I had just landed in LAX around 4:30pm, on our way home from Germany when we got the call from Jeff’s boss that he was in the hospital. We were still on the plane when we called to find out how he was and were told that he had called 911 with difficulty breathing. They arrived to find him unconscious and without a pulse and administered CPR for an hour, but they weren’t able to revive him. He had been sick and out of work since Friday. We found cold medicine by his bed, so he must have thought he had a bad cold. There was also a thermometer, so he must have had a fever. Continue reading »