Apr 132017

Sisters Filippa and Agnes Samuelsson from the duo Songkids are back with a new uptempo album for kids in all ages, titled Aldrig Ensam” (Never alone).

Since the debut release in 2015, the girls have had about twenty gigs in Sweden and Norway, they have participated in radio shows and on sponsoring galas and the anti-bullying song ‘En riktig vän’ (A true friend) has been on heavy rotation on Swedish National Radio P4 and highlighted by anti-bullying organisation Friends.

With this experience behind, they have written new songs, along with their father, Jonatan (bass player for Narnia, and label manager for JONO and Adora).

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Oct 162016

kvit_173Swedish Independent Artist Promoter JONO Media proudly welcome another great band to the family: alternative rock band Kvit, founded by Linus Serholt, Dan Ajanki, and Niklas Wachtmeister from the band Quench, and Robert Serholt in 2012.

Their debut EP “Earth To Earth” is released on October 14th. and is available now at Itunes and Spotify.

This is Kvit, a shrilling alarm hoping to wake someone up from the big sleep of today. Drawing from a wide range of genres this alternative rock band combines restless vocals and howling guitars, spanking drums, gnarling bass and sweeping synths and makes for a great soundtrack of the collapse. Continue reading »

Sep 292016

JONOmediaSwedish Independent Artist Promoter JONO media proudly welcome another two bands to the JONO-family: “The Melodic Metal Masters” – Narnia founded by Christian Liljegren and CJ Grimmark in 1996, and Empire 21, melodic metalband, fronted by Ricard Hulteke and CJ Grimmark.

Narnia is finally back for the metal attack! Celebrating 20 years as a band, they are back with a brand new studio album. Their long awaited & 7th studio album is released on Sept. 16 through Deep Within Management. During the years Narnia has been established as one of the leading forces in melodic, neoclassical metal, with a strong reputation of being a great live act that always delivers. And so it continues.. The fans are asking for more and the band is hungrier than ever!

The line-up for Narnia 2016: Christian Liljegren -Vocals, CJ Grimmark – Guitars, keyboards & backing vocals, Andreas “Habo” Johansson – Drums, Martin Härenstam – Keyboards, Andreas Passmark -Bass. Our review for Narnia‘s self titled album can be found here. Continue reading »

Safemode – “Colorblind”

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Sep 062016

ColorblindAlmost after a decade of existence, the Swedish Melodic Metalcore majors, Safemode, are out with their much awaited and anticipated sophomore album, Colorblind. The album was crowdfunded and released worldwide in May 2016, under the label of Safemode and JONO, with the sole distribution rights with JONO. Safemode offered somewhat unique differentiation to its supporters, by writing a personal song for them (based on their life) for a small price and put the supporters name in the credits!! Isn’t that a wonderful way to connect with their fan base.?

The band made headway in the past with their numerous accolades, be it winning a major Swedish band contest, playing it for Sweden Rock or on being one of the few Swedish bands to make an impact on the America radio, being listed as the most wanted band. The band lists Underoath, Blindside, and The Devil Wears Prada as some of its influences. With 12 songs in their arsenal and 47 minutes of runtime, I got straight listening to the album. Continue reading »

Aug 222016

NARNIA-2016__1__d3eThe Swedish melodic metal band Narnia recently released the 2nd single ‘Messengers’, the song appears on the upcoming 7th studio album entitled “Narnia”, hits the market, together with a promo video. Narnia is back and Reaching For The Top! Here comes the 2nd single/video ‘Messengers’.

This time an animated video produced by Russian artist Anatoly Kuris. The new single ‘Messengers’ has a cool mix in metal where the past meets the future in a cool combination and the video by Anatoly Kuris match the song perfect. The video can be seen below.

Celebrating 20 years as Narnia, they are ready to take on the world and start touring and release the new album worldwide September 16, 2016. Continue reading »