Platoon 1107 – E.P. Series

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Oct 082016

jimmy_sisco_316Many bands are taking to releasing short ep’s to get their music out more often and in smaller doses to fans and Jimmy Sisco with his Platoon 1107 project has fully embraced this trend, rapidly releasing three free ep’s followed by a live ep.  In the end, there is 25 songs of raucous hardcore punk with a couple covers thrown in for good measure.

Jimmy Sisco (ex-Absolved) started this solo side project, Platoon 1107, to honor those who went through boot camp with him at the Marine Corp Recruit Depot in San Diego.  Outside of these four recent ep’s, Platoon 1107 has been on at least seven other releases including a split with the Cants, the full length, We Glory in the Title, the Live Free or Die ep, and three benefit compilations.  Most of the releases feature Jimmy handling all the music duties but for the Alive 1 ep, he did assemble a band to record the live show and he is currently in process of assembling a regular live band for shows.

First off, let’s just say that the Tourette’s, Straight Edge, and Marine Forever…Forever Marine ep’s are all available for free download and are worth picking up even if you had to pay for them, so what are you waiting for?  Free hardcore punk rock, go get it.  Continue reading »

Feb 212015

Lights to Lights - SaveWith Jimmy Sisco involved, many may be looking for some raucous punk rock to come out of his Light to Lights project given that he is also in Platoon 1107 and the Absolved, but you’d be in for quite a surprise as this is experimental, ambient guitar music with the Psalms recited over the top.  Twenty-five Psalms covered in 80 minutes tells you this is no high-speed punk rock album.

The idea behind “Light to Lights” has a basis in Jimmy Sisco’s days as a Marine. During boot camp when a drill instructor is with the recruits when the lights are turned on before sunrise until the lights are turned off at night, he is said to be on “lights to lights”.  He is there all day with the recruits, similar to how God is with us every step of our day, “lights to lights” and in God’s case even after the lights are out. Continue reading »

Nov 052014

Lights to Lights - SaveLights To Lights presents experimental ambient guitar-based music below the recited words of Holy Scripture. Two and a half years in the making, the debut album “The Book of Psalms: Chapters 1-25” contains the first twenty-five Psalms…read in a careful, contemplative manner and backed by original, visceral music which reflects the mood and message of each particular Psalm. Twenty-five songs clocking in at a total of just under 80 minutes, this album is an audio-Bible like no other.

Lights To Lights is the solo project of Jimmy Sisco (lead singer/guitarist/bassist for Platoon 1107; lead singer/guitarist for Absolved) who wrote, played, recorded, and produced the album himself. The term “lights to lights” comes from Marine Corps boot camp (Jimmy is a Marine veteran). If a drill instructor is on duty, with the recruits when the lights are turned on in the early morning for Reveille, is there all day with the recruits, and is still there when the lights are turned off at night for Taps, he is on “lights to lights”. Continue reading »

Oct 172012

To celebrate the founding of the United States of America, Platoon 1107 plans the release of their Patriotic Punk debut We Glory In The Title EP. This music pays tribute to the loyalty, dedication and courage of the men and women of the fighting forces of this country, and the resulting freedoms and liberty enjoyed by its citizens and many around the world. Platoon 1107 is the solo project of Jimmy Sisco [Absolved, Of Puritans And Lepers, ex-Nomad], with equal parts 80’s skate punk, crust, and crossover.

The name Platoon 1107 honors the individuals that went through boot camp at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego with Jimmy Sisco, USMC Vet. Continue reading »