Jun 172018

Ohio metalcore band Convictions is back with more “aggressive worship” in their latest album Hope for the Broken, showing a powerful, emotional sound with some great vocals to go with both the heavy and the clean parts of the songs.

Fremont Ohio-based Convictions trace their origin back to 2012 and not long after released their first album, I Am Nothing.  As happens, lineups often change in bands and not long after the first release, the original singer and bassist left and were replaced by Michael Felker on vocal and John Fleischmann on bass (and clean vocals). Two ep’s followed, Unworthy and Hallowed Spirit/Violent Divide in 2015 which was high on the iTunes metal charts for a bit.  Just looking around at various internet postings, the band has toured with the likes of Eyes Set to Kill and Upon a Burning Body, so are starting to make a name for themselves.  As a self-proclaimed Christian band, Convictions looks to set themselves apart by writing lyrics based on their own “convictions” and how they deal with the everyday struggles of living in this world.

As many albums do, the first track, “Exodus, The End of Us” is a rather short intro that starts out rather quiet, but quickly explodes when Michael Felker’s vocals come in and the rest of the track establishes that this is indeed metalcore. Continue reading »

May 312018

Midwestern American heavy rock/metalcore band Convictions will be releasing their highly anticipated, 2nd full-length album, “Hope For The Broken,” tomorrow with InVogue Records.

Convictions’ message of hope in a dark world is the underlying backbone to their new album. The new record follows their previous release “I Will Become,” which was a declaration of the band’s intentions and overarching message of who they are.

“Hope For The Broken” is a response after their faith was tested with bouts of heartbreak, death and betrayal experienced over the last few years. Through the trials and tribulation, they emerge steadfast with their boldest record yet. Continue reading »

Apr 282018

Ohio based metalcore band Convictions have announced plans to release their highly anticipated 2nd full-length record, “Hope For The Broken,” on June 1st via InVogue Records. Along with the announcement, the band have also shared the music video for their new single, ‘Voices’ which can be heard now below.

The band states: “We decided to release “Voices” as our first single off of Hope for The Broken because we feel the subject of mental illness is a reoccurring theme throughout the album. “Voices” touches on internal conflicts that we deal with. The song is a collection of struggles which have led to suicidal thoughts, anxiety and depression. The main line “They want me dead” is the dark thought in your head trying to destroy who you are. This is an inner argument within one’s self constantly going back and forth from feeling okay and yet only hanging on by a thread.” Continue reading »

May 212016

Convictions_2015_83aOhio’s Convictions has released their new album ”I Will Become” on April 29 via InVogue Records.

Hailing from Fremont, OH, the five piece Christian metalcore act known as Convictions is starting to make an impact on the world. Dubbing themselves “Aggressive Worship,” the band is not your everyday Christian band. Setting out to write lyrical content based on their own “convictions,” the band covers topics that push the boundaries.

“We feel that, just because you are a Christian, doesn’t mean you are exempt from the struggles of this world.” With an infectious live show, one can never predict what will happen when seeing the band live. On stage and off, Convictions never fails to draw you in and capture your emotions. Continue reading »

Jun 262015

Before Their Eyes-LogoBefore Their Eyes recently released a new single, ‘Anything’s Possible In New Jersey.’ The song is taken from the band’s new album, “II” (their first since 2012), which comes out this fall via InVogue Records. The song can be streamed below. The single is also available for purchase on iTunes.

Before Their Eyes is a post-hardcore band from Findlay, Ohio. Founded by vocalist Nick Moore, the name of the band is taken from the New Testament verse Romans 3:18: “There is no fear of God before their eyes.” Continue reading »