Intohimo – Northern Lights

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Jan 282013

Intohimo_NLPost hardcore is a very popular genre, a genre like metal-core and the symphonic brands that are getting very swollen with an array of bands trying to make their mark in the music industry. The Problem that can rear its head in this context is one that it can make it very hard for a band to stand out and deliver something so unique and different, that it can launch itself ahead of the pack.

Sweden are not short of quality bands, and I always get excited to review a band from Sweden, because I am almost 100% confident I am going to be impressed no matter what kind of music it is.

So to put it straight out there, yes this band has the formula to stand out with their electric post-hardcore sound. This is not to say that they don’t fall in and out of the stereo typical pool, I just discussed in the beginning part of the review. It’s that Stereo typing that normally makes me run to the hills with post-hard-core bands. I mean they are going to have to really up their game if they are going to keep it up on future releases, depending how serious they are about it. Continue reading »

Intohimo – Winter Sun (EP)

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Jan 062013

Winter Sun - IntohimoIntohimo is Finnish for passion or ardor and the band Intohimo certainly carries that through in their music. From a style perspective, the sound falls into the somewhat nebulous category of post-hardcore, which can really mean a lot of different things to different people. With Intohimo on this ep, expect to hear vocals covering everything from soaring clean choruses to shouted and screaming verses, driving guitars and drums, breakdowns and melodic sections, and even some parts best described as ambient.

Intohimo is one of those bands who have seemed to hit the music scene at just the right time, winning the best unsigned act award at the Swedish National Indie Awards in 2006 and then being able to partner with a member of Blindside for an album and opening for Underoath in 2008-2009. From there, Intohimo have played at several big festivals including the prestigious SXSW festival in Austin, TX and toured with Write this Down and Blindside in 2011. Continue reading »

Sep 242012

Swedish screamo band Intohimo have released their new music video for Northern Lights: pt 1. Check it out below. The single is taken from their album ‘Northern Lights’ will be released October 14 through Snapping Fingers Snapping Necks [SFSN]..

This will be a new band to a lot of you and they’ve shared stages with the likes of Architects and Underoath, they’re very much worth checking out. They’ll be over in the UK in February/March with dates announced soon.

The band commented: ‘We recorded the album with John Mitchell [Architects, You Me At Six etc] in Outhouse Studious in the UK and it’s definitely our finest work so far. Can’t wait for y’all to hear what we’ve been working on for so long!’ Continue reading »

Sep 172012

Intohimo are thrilled to announce that their new album Northern Lights will be released October 14 through Snapping Fingers Snapping Necks [SFSN].

The band commented: ‘We recorded the album with John Mitchell [Architects, You Me At Six etc] in Outhouse Studious in the UK and it’s definitely our finest work so far. A music video for the first single ‘Northern Lights; part 1’ which will be released Sunday 23 October. Can’t wait for y’all to hear what we’ve been working on for so long!’ Continue reading »

Mar 252012

Next month Swedish screamo band Intohimo goes on tour through Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. The tour begins on April 6 in Oldenburg, Germany, and ends April 14 in Hasselt, Belgium. We may give away 3 tickets for their first show April 6th. in Oldenburg, Germany + After the show, you will be photographed together with the gentlemen of Intohimo. The photo will be published on the website (photo archive) …. What should you do to win 1 of these 3 tickets, for more information go to our Facebook page.

Yesterday was RED‘s last show during the REDvolution, US tour. The band kicked off their second headlining tour on Feb. 10 in Rochester, and the trek ended March 24 in Fort Wayne. Special guests on the US tour were Thousand Foot Krutch, Manafest, Nine Lashes, and Kiros. Next month they will continue with their REDvolution tour, but now in Europe, the tour begins April 17 in the Netherlands and ends on April 30 in the Ukraine. Dates and locations are listed below. Continue reading »