Jun 292017

Power Quest, the renowned melodic power metal band based in the UK, will release their long awaited 6th album “Sixth Dimension” on October 13th via Inner Wound Recordings in Europe/USA and on October 11th in Japan via Marquee/Avalon. The album cover, once again designed by Felipe Machado Franco, can be seen below.

Steve Williams of Power Quest comments: “We are all so excited about this record, probably more so than ever before. I think it has the classic PQ stamp and then some!” The album, the first PQ album since 2011, will contain 9 songs (plus a bonus track for the limited edition CD and for the Japanese market). Continue reading »

Wind Rose – “Stonehymn”

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May 212017

Italy’s Wind Rose is back with their third album of epic tales set to symphonic metal.  Incredible voices and complex arrangements, make this a symphonic folk metal album not to miss.

Since 2009, Wind Rose, from Pisa, Italy have been releasing their take on symphonic metal.  The first ep from the band was released in 2010 and followed up in 2012 with their debut full length Shadows over Lothadruin.  In 2013 they toured Europe supporting Wintersun, Finntroll, and Epica and followed that up being part of folk-metal legends Eluveitie’s Origins European Tour, exposing their sound to even wider audiences.  Later that year the band released their second full length Wardens of the West Wind and supported Ensiferum on their One Man Army European tour.  2017 has seen the band sign with Inner Wound Recordings and release their third album Stonehymn.

As one might expect, the album opens with an instrumental that sets the tone for the album.  In this case, it’s folk, symphonic metal with a bit of Celtic feel to it.  “Distant Battlefields” predictably blends right into the first real track on the album “Dance of Fire”.  The first thing one can’t help but notice is the deep, full, gang vocals that sound as if there was a large chorus.  Unfortunately, the music is a bit buried in the mix behind the vocals and keyboards as there is some good support from the drums and guitars to help carry the songs along.  As the song progresses, the listener will also notice they approach epic in terms of length as well with most over six minutes long. Continue reading »

Mindmaze – “Resolve”

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May 122017

Concept albums are interesting ones for myself, sometimes coming across a lot more personal and real. So from Allentown, Pennsylvania we have weighing in with a mixture of progressive, melodic, traditional and power metal influences the band Mindmaze consisting the sibling duo of vocalist Sarah Teets and guitarist Jeff Teets, along with Rich Pasqualone on bass and Mark Bennett, the new drummer. “Resolve” is their third release and is signed under Inner Wound Recordings. “Resolve” is Mindmaze’s first conceptual release, and in this the theme is one that explores the depth of human emotion and struggling in the face of loss and betrayal.

“Resolve” is an album that from the start is massed with energy and emotion. An album of intense emotions and personal testimony in way that can or could be a hard album to digest for some, but Mindmaze create such a beautiful and intense landscape, and the driving energy keep you interested throughout, so hopefully people see that. “Resolve” is artistic, beautiful, intense, emotional, full of energy and delivers with an abundance of memorizing mucianship ie: “Drown Me”.

The thing with Mindmaze is that the sound and melodies are approachable, I am not saying they commercially acceptable in terms of some of those mindless one line pop songs, but the melodies and vocals are easy on the ears to be excepted by a wider audience. Look there are a great many female fronted metal bands out there, but Sarah Teets comes across professional and strong in her vocal performance exacting the emotions and ferocities of the songs as needed when needed. As I said if I analyse a song like “Drown Me” it comes across in movements and sweeps like a beautifully composed and constructed symphonic orchestra piece. Continue reading »

Apr 122017

Inner Wound Recordings are proud to announce the release of an LP edition of the latest Enbound album “The Blackened Heart”. The edition is strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide and the release date is set to May 5th.

“The Blackened Heart” has a nice mix of heavy and up tempo songs, all with their own strong and grasping melodies. Some songs has a more aggressive, modern metal tone like ‘Give Me Light’. A track like ‘Feel My Flame’ has classic metal influences, while ‘They Don’t Really Know’ beautifully combines sensibility with force. Enbound prove with “The Blackened Heart” that they can handle any angle of melodic metal. Like their debut, their characteristic powerful arrangements remain with fantastic and emotional vocals on top.

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Mar 292017

The folk/power metal band Wind Rose will release their new album “Stonehymn” on May 26th in Europe and North America through Inner Wound Recordings.

Having toured with bands like Wintersun, Eluveitie and Ensiferum, and with two successful albums under their belt, Wind Rose are ready to take things to the next level with the release of their third album “Stonehymn”, an album filled by the epic, powerful and folk inspired brand of power metal the band is known for.

“Stonehymn” was mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni [DGM, Ancient Bards, Secret Sphere] and the artwork was created by Jan Yrlund [Apocalyptica, Korpiklaani, Tyr]. Continue reading »