Jul 052017

Blackened Symphonic Melodic Death metal band Renascent is seeking your support to release “Praise of the Lord Almighty” in CD digipack format for the very first time. Learn more at their IndieGogo Campaign.

Renascent originally from Helsinki, Finland. Nowadays, we’re located in Indiana, United States, actively pursuing musical endeavors. We hope to release our full-length album, “Praise of the Lord God Almighty”, as a CD digipack. This would mark the first time that it’s available in a physical format, with a new slightly improved mix and master that differentiates it from the digital version. Continue reading »

Jan 122017

Veteran metallers Deliverance has checked in with the following update:

“Hey Big D fans, this project is for you! Jimmy has teamed up with Jim Chaffin (The Crucified, The Blamed, Fasedown) and Victor Macias (Tourniquet ) for a Thrash project that will bring back the classic D sound. Fast and Heavy!!! The project is slated for a spring release and shows are lining up in Europe as this post goes live. We have plenty of extras for you to choose from. Whatever you can afford, we;d greatly appreciate it.”

A goal is set at $15,000, until now 24% is already funded ($3,633). Deliverance is back! Ready to bring you the thrash you deserve! Be a part of history and contribute. Check out the video message of Jimmy P. Brown II below.

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May 122016

DTR_04eAmerican metal band Destroy The Runner have returned with their original lineup and are readying a new EP for a fall release. To that end the band have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, with which they hope to raise $12,000 USD to get the project off the ground. Check out the teaser below.They commented:

“10 years after the release of Destroy The Runner‘s debut album “Saints,” the band’s four original members – Kyle Setter, Nick Maldonado, Marc Kohlbry and Duane Reed – have come back together to make the follow-up record that they never had the chance to.

While we were working on our third release, a lot of factors got in the way, and ultimately led to the band’s indefinite hiatus. We weren’t certain if we’d ever make another record together again, but we knew that things didn’t end the way we wanted them to. Continue reading »

Apr 162016

Dark Sarah_2015Finnish cinematic metal band Dark Sarah is working on a new album called “The Puzzle.” It will continue Dark Sarah‘s story forward from the point where the debut album, “Behind The Black Veil,” left it. The band recently launched a crowdfunding page to support the completion of the album. ‘Little Men’ the new music video can be watched below.

Dark Sarah is the new project from Heidi Parviainen [ex. Amberian Dawn]. Dark Sarah‘s music combines metal, film music and theatrical elements.

The Puzzle begins… “The Evil Tree had broken into pieces and Dark Sarah´s soul with it. Continue reading »

Apr 152016

YourChanceToDie_2015_555Female fronted melodic death metal band Your Chance To Die (YCTD) just checked in with the following announcement:

“Who wants to hear the new YCTD album? First one to feature Som Pluijmers and Missi Avila on vocals?  Unfortunately just writing amazing music will only get you so far. As of date we have not been able to sign a new record deal so that means we need our fans. You can do one of two things. Blow up your favorite extreme label’s Facebook and email and tell them you want to hear us, or donate to our campaign so we can record it ourselves. Either way, we need every one of you to help out. Share this post, take a minute to contact a record label and/or donate a few bucks to help us record. We are counting on you to make this dream a reality!!”

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