Mar 282018

My Place Was Taken is a four piece Deathcore-Hardcore band from Matamoros, Mexico. It was formed at the end of 2014 by vocalist Jesus Salaz and guitarist Abraham Barberi. Their purpose is to play the music that they enjoy, but mainly to communicate a message of faith, hope, and love through their music.

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My Place Was Taken – “Imparables”

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Mar 252018

From Matamoros, Mexico, My Place Was Taken started in 2014 when vocalist Jesus Salaz and guitarist Abraham Barbieri met to discuss the drugs and violence destroying their hometown and decided the time was right for a heavy band that could bring a message of hope, love, and faith.  The band recorded their self-titled ep in 2015 that gained them some attention in the Mexican metal scene and signed with Rottweiler Records at the end of 2016 for their second ep Imparables, which also saw the addition of Helix Nebula on bass and Daniel Castaneda on drums.  During a tour of Mexico, My Place Was Taken shared the stage with Grave Robber, which brought them to the attention of Rottweiler Records owner Shawn Browning and led to the partnership that released Imparables.

From the opening guitar salvo and the pounding, grinding rhythms fueled by ultra-fast double bass MPWT sets the tone for the ep.  This is pure brutality.  Deep growled unintelligible vocals alternate with higher pitched near shrieking in a great tradeoff style as  the song slows to punishing grind and then jumps to near light speed for a short guitar solo and then repeating.  Lyrics are in Spanish but really with brutal deathcore, would you really notice? Continue reading »

Nov 122017

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