I, The Breather – “Life Reaper”

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Dec 292014

Life Reaper (300)I, The Breather is a metalcore band from Baltimore, Maryland. After their first self-released EP “I, The Breather”, they signed to Sumerian Records where they released two other albums, “These Are My Sins: (2010) and “Truth and Purpose” (2012).

After a few lineup changes during the years where only Shawn Spann (vocals) remained as a founding member, they released another album this year, called: “Life Reaper”.  Let’s take a look, or listen, at it.

What I notice instantly is that they are not afraid to use electronical influences on this album. The first song ‘Setting:Sun’ is full of it but also of some heavy breakdowns and the typical chugging at the guitarstrings. Almost the same can be said for the next song ‘Soul:Seek’ , the big difference is that this song has a catchy chorus. Continue reading »

Oct 272014

I The Breather (600)Baltimore, Maryland-based metallers I The Breather will tour Europe this fall with support from Shoot The Girl First and Novelists. The trek goes through several countries and kicks off Nov. 28 in Belgium and will end on Dec. 22 in Russia, all dates and locations are listed below.

The band’s third and latest album “Life Reaper” was released on July 15, 2014 by Sumerian Records. It was produced by the band and Century band members Ricky Armellino, Grant McFarland, Carson Slovak.

Vocalist Shawn Spann was featured on The Royal’s last album “Dreamcatchers” on the song ‘Halfhearted’.

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Jan 082013

DemonHunter2012Demon Hunter will be touring in Australia for the first time with I The Breather this march.

But first the band goes on a new US tour as support for Swedish metal band In Flames. The first leg of the tour, which also includes support from Battlecross and All Shall Perish, will begin on February 2nd in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and runs through February 16th. The second leg of the tour will be announced shortly. Tour dates can be seen below.

Over the last decade Demon Hunter has grown beyond the boundaries of a traditional rock band to become something of incalculable value, profound meaning, and steadfast purpose to the people worldwide whose dedication to their music, artwork and vision is beyond compare.

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May 042012

False Profit, the new video from Baltimore, Maryland-based Christian metallers I The Breather, can be seen below. The clip was directed by Thunder Down Country Productions.

Commented I The Breather drummer Morgan Wright: “Our objective with this clip was to create a dark and edgy video. It’s very different from our last video. That was more of a straight-up performance-based video capturing the band in a live element. This video allowed us to use props, add in some acting and have a legit concept. When it came to acting, Shawn [Spann, vocals] stepped it up and took on the task of the protagonist. Continue reading »

I, The Breather – Truth And Purpose

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Apr 232012

I The Breather are a quintet from the vicinity of Baltimore (USA). With their debut album ‘These Are My Sins’, which was released late 2010, the band made an overwhelming impression. The album was filled with sharp, energetic music, driven by math-core rhythms, a djent sound on the guitars and sweet, appealing choruses.

Although this sound is continued on their new album ‘Truth And Purpose’, there are tiny differences to be heard. I The Breather handed in some of the typical djent guitar sound; it is now used more sporadic, which makes the album a lot more balanced. The vocals are sharp and are filled with emotion. There is also a little more room for, though still sporadic, clean vocals. Continue reading »