Sep 212017

As summer comes to a close, Broadside are delivering another slice of paradise, the Morrissey-inspired song and new music video ‘I Love You, I Love You. It’s Disgusting.’ The bittersweet track is the closer on their latest album Paradise, and furthers Broadside’s abiding pledge to fearlessly expand their voice as leaders of the pop-punk crusade. The video can be seen below.

Directed by front-man Ollie Baxxter, he explains, “This is a song for romantics. When you’re in love, you feel consumed in its warmth. I’m happy knowing that I’ve contributed to a very long list of love songs. Also, how fucking cute do ukulele’s sound?!” Guitarist Niles Gibbs adds, “We are not afraid to try new things and that is apparent with this song.”

Broadside expand their sound into unheard punk turf incorporating trumpet on the first video from the album, ‘Puzzle Pieces,’ and the Morrissey-channeled, ukulele driven, ‘I Love You, I Love You. It’s Disgusting.’ “This record is the sound we have been trying to achieve all of our career, we aren’t afraid to try new things and that is apparent with “Paradise,” declares guitarist Niles Gregory. Continue reading »