Nov 042018

Minneapolis natives Household are thrilled to share their brand new video, ‘Superority Complex.’ A B-Side from the band’s latest album “Everything A River Should Be,” The video  can be watched below.

On the new video, the band shares: “We decided to stretch outside of the typical music video ideas for this one. Nathanael directed and wrote the ideas for it and it honestly came out in a unique way. At this point, we’re just happy to be able to create art and explore ideas for others to see. There will be lots more material from us in this vein.”

Household will be touring this fall with All Get Out. The run kicked off on November 1st, and includes stops in Atlanta, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Chicago, and more. For a full list of dates, including the band’s upcoming August headline shows, dates and locations are listed below. Continue reading »

Mar 312018

Minneapolis natives Household are thrilled to share their brand new video, ‘Dark Matter,’. ‘Dark Matter’ comes from the band’s latest album, “Everything A River Should Be,” which has recently been featured on Substream Magazine and Alternative Press. Everything A River Should Be is available now via Equal Vision Records at The video can be watched below.

On ‘Dark Matter,’ vocalist Joshua Gilbert shares: “‘Dark Matter’ is a nod to our older sound. With a generally slower and more melancholic album, it was fun writing a faster track. This song captures relationship at its worst, the extremes or negative energy causing havoc.”

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Apr 282017

Last week Infinite Me premiered their side to their split with Household that comes out next Friday. You can still pre-order a copy of the Household, Infinite Me “Split” 12-in at the Blood and Inks web store. We have bundles available with exclusive shirts and limited vinyl colors.

Minnesota quartet Infinite Me blends the low-end of new-wave grunge with emo and post-hardcore aesthetics for an engrossing blend of intertwining dynamics. Since the members began pursuing the band more seriously in January of 2015, they have released two EPs and a split, as well as shared the stage with names such as Balance & Composure, Alistair Hennessey, Tiny Moving Parts and others. The band is currently readying their highly anticipated split with fellow Minnesota natives Household. Continue reading »

Apr 282017

Today Household premiered their side of the Household, Infinite Me” Split 12-in. These songs bring a refreshing new spin to that familiar Household sound we all love. Go take a listen right now!  Also, Household is touring with A Lot Like Birds this month. Dates and more information can be found below.

“Household’s sound has been changing from the start,” says frontman Josh Gilbert. “Although our change originally had to do with my vocal issues, it is now something that we’re all very excited about. I think we all feel that there’s a new maturity in what we’re finding lately.”

The Household, Infinite Me Split 12-in is available worldwide starting May 5, 2017 via Blood & Ink Records. Continue reading »

Mar 152017

Hardcore-punk band Household are teaming up with Infinite Me for a split via Blood & Ink Records. AP premiered the first taste of that forthcoming split. From Household, ‘Distant Truth (Part 1)’ can be streamed below.

“This first track is the beginning of our tonal transition between Time Spent and our next record,” says frontman Josh Gilbert. “I’m excited about tracks like this one, because it widens our genre range and will hopefully allow us to explore all sorts of areas musically.”

“Time Spent,” the band’s debut full length, has been released in September 2015 via Blood & Ink.

This Household and Infinite Me split will be released on  May 5.  Continue reading »