Sep 032014

Brian Head WelchKorn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch will introduce the film “Holy Ghost” at the movie’s “world premiere experience,” a live, one-time digital event where anyone in the world can see the film and the event free of charge. The musician will introduce “Holy Ghost” this Saturday, September 6 from the Redding Civic Auditorium in Redding, California. Welch will also make a rare, solo musical appearance during the event, joining Christian band Jake Hamilton & The Sound for a live performance.

“We’re deeply grateful to Brian for his avid support and the prominent role he has agreed to play at the upcoming world premiere. There’s no question he’s going to add his own unique touch to the event,” said Darren Wilson, director of “Holy Ghost” and founder of Wanderlust Productions, the independent film studio behind the hit “God adventure” trilogy ‘Finger Of God’, ‘Furious Love’ and ‘Father Of Lights’.

“The ‘Holy Ghost’ world premiere experience is designed to engage fans in an incredible, one-time event built around the film. We’re expecting thousands of young people to physically join us in the Redding Auditorium while others simultaneously participate in hundreds of churches, at thousands of ‘Holy Ghost’ home-screening parties, and in coffee houses, restaurants, and parks around the globe — anywhere where there’s an Internet connection. Continue reading »

Jul 032014

HG logoKorn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch and bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu are featured in the new trailer for the upcoming documentary “Holy Ghost”, which aims to prove that the Holy Spirit is real. The film is being helmed by Wanderlust Productions, which is an independent production company committed to advancing the kingdom of God through the creative use of media and storytelling.

According to the Wanderlust Productions web site: “‘Holy Ghost’ will take [director Darren Wilson] and his team around the world as they go in search of the nature and evidence of the Holy Spirit. They will explore the role of the Holy Spirit in the arts, ministry, and the Christian life. But as with all of Darren‘s films, it will be the encounters of ordinary people with the God of the Bible that will take center stage. Darren feels that God is directing him to approach some of the religions of the world and ‘introduce them to the Holy Spirit and see what happens.’ This will be a film with no script, but will be a visceral, authentic, and wholly unique experience for the viewer.”

“Holy Ghost” will receive a digital premiere on August 9. Continue reading »