Jul 072018

Ukrainian folk metal band Holy Blood have released a brand new single ‘We Know Who We Are’. The song appears on their upcoming album ‘Voices In Blood’ which will be released through Vision of God Records. The music video for ‘We Know Who We Are’ can be watched below.

This is back to the more traditional Death/Black Metal style (with still some folk influences) this is going to be the brutalest, most epic release from Holy Blood! More details will follow soon.

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Apr 222018

Ukrainian folk metal band Holy Blood checked in with the following:

Hello friends!, In 2019 Holy Blood will celebrate 20th Anniversary. It’s a good date to share with our fans! If you’re an organizator of festival or can organizate tour – contact us. A lot of festivals are held in same days so please don’t hesitate. Also will be greateful for repost. Thank you, friends!
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Apr 262017

Holy Blood has joined the Vision of God Records family for at least 2 releases. The new EP “Glory To The Heroes” will release on/or around 5.10.17. More details will follow soon, we keep you posted.

As each Holy Blood release has its own sound. This is a return to the folk/medieval metal vein. With non traditional metal instruments being used. Superb hymn battles. Epicly written and produced. “Glory To The Heroes” contains 5 tracks. Continue reading »

Jan 022017

fedor_hb_92eFedor Buzilevich of Ukrainian folk metal band Holy Blood has uploaded a new song ‘Готовься к битве’ (Demo 2012) translation ‘Get Ready for Battle’. If this song appears on a new album? I don’t no, there is little information, and my Russian is not so good. When there is more information, we will let you know of course. The song is available for streaming in the video below.

Holy Blood formed in 1999. The band is notable for being one of the few Christian bands in its genre, and the fact that they are the most successful group on its label Bombworks Records, and the band has been noted world wide despite being an underground group. Holy Blood has released five albums: “The Wanderer” (2002) “Waves are Dancing” (2005) “The Patriot”(2008) “Shining Sun” (2010) and “Day of Vengeance” (2014). Continue reading »

Holy Blood – “Day of Vengeance”

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Jul 262016

Day of VengeanceHoly Blood: Day of Vengeance put out in 2015 is a solid, dark, mid-paced, crust-covered melo-death record in its own right – no keys, flute or female vocals in this one – but two instrumental interludes and of course, sea-shore samples to begin and end the record. It is complete with death metal growls instead of the brilliantly cadenced mid to high + death growl vocals of the first few records – a vocal style that immediately identified the band, but I would have had trouble identifying Holy Blood from this record! This album includes a few baritone Ukranian/folk singing lines (although quite murky in the mix and sometimes out of tune). In some ways, it reminded me of early Sacrificium albums – minimalistic, dark, and crusty death metal.

After a good number of line-up changes, such as the departure of female vocalist Vera Knyazeva and the melodic guitar players who crafted the Hold Blood sound – Fedor Buzilevich has only preserved a shell of the energy of older Holy Blood records at the cost of vitality, brightness and color. Sonically, the record’s production is murky, with the drums and bass placed in the back of the mix, with the low, murky guitars and death-growls creating a sense of obscurity. Continue reading »