Jul 222017

Soulspell Metal Opera project, hosted by Heleno Vale, has just released the first music video for the upcoming album “The Second Big Bang”, is released in Brazil by Hellion Records and the rest of the world through Inner Wound Recordings. The song chosen was ‘Super Black Hole’ featuring vocalists Fabio Lione (Angra, Rhapsody, Vision Divine), Oliver Hartmann (Rhapsody of Fire, Avantasia, Hartmann) & Frank Tischer – Keys, Leandro Erba – Guitar, Daniel Guirado – Bass, Heleno Vale – Drums. The video can be watched below.

The album “The Second Big Bang” features incredible guest appearances from Andre Matos, Arjen Lucassen, Fabio Lione, Blaze Bayley, Tim “Ripper” Owens, Ralf ScheepersTimo Kotipelto etc. The production remained the charge of Tito Falaschi and mixing and mastering was performed by Denis Ward.

“The Second Big Bang” participating musicians are: Continue reading »

Nov 062012

Brazilian Power Metal Opera Band Soulspell is started in 2004 by drummer Heleno Vale. He released their first album “A Legacy of Honor” in 2008, followed by “Labyrinth of Truths” in 2010. Their latest album ‘Hollow’s Gathering’ was released last month. The Album tells a story about the conflicts of human emotions. The different characters are played by many different vocalists. The list of vocalists is impressive, from ex-Iron Maiden, Helloween, Avantasia and Theocracy. Below an interview with Heleno Vale, founder and drummer of Soulspell.

TMR: Hello to you from´The Metal Resource’ Holland, how are things going there in Brazil ?

H: Hello! Thank you for the interview. To be honest here in Brazil finally I can say we are happy with the historical Supreme Court trial which is going on right now. For the first time in Brazil many politicians will pay for their crimes. Also we are concerned but confident about Brazilian Olympics and World Cup. Continue reading »