Jun 012019

HeartSupport has released a 15-minute documentary about As I Lay Dying‘s comeback after the band’s lead vocalist, Tim Lambesis, served two years in prison for soliciting the murder of his wife.

HeartSupport — founded by Jake Luhrs, who is the lead vocalist in August Burns Red — explained its decision to tell As I Lay Dying‘s story in a short message posted on the online nonprofit’s website.

The message reads: “In novels and movies, we love a redemption story. We love stories where our heroes fail, only to grow stronger. In real life, however, we find this concept difficult. In our digital era, we can champion shame and judgement, yet at our core, all people wanted to be loved and ask that we believe they can change.

“At HeartSupport, when an individual fails, struggles with addiction, gives into hate, relapses, but eventually chooses to change, we call this Post Traumatic Growth. There’s a distinct line in the sand between those who say they want to change, and those actively doing something about it. In As I Lay Dying‘s story, we see a group of men embracing change, standing against their past, and making waves towards growth while helping others. Their progress is at the core of what HeartSupport represents. We continue to believe all people can become more — and to that end — we stand beside men and women who decide to do so.” Continue reading »

Dec 092015

tommy green_sgTommy Green of US Metal/Hardcore band Sleeping Giant shares his journey in understanding the pain he’s been through and how it ultimately affected the image of himself.

Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red started an online non-profit called HeartSupport to give his fans a place to talk about and overcome their struggles. His vision is to unite the scene–fans and bands alike–so that no one in the music scene has to struggle alone.

Sleeping Giant returns to Germany this weekend (11 & 12 Dec) to play at Christmas Rock NightOther performing bands will beWolves At The Gate, Children 18:3, Silent Planet, Sacrety, Forevermore Normal Ist Anders, The Letter Black, Disciple, The Ongoing Concept, Phinehas, Theocracy, Fallstar, Attalus. The two day winter-festival will be held as usual in “Haus Ennepetal”, Ennepetal, Germany.
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