Sep 272017

Soundmass Records very pleased to announce the release of Grave Forsaken’s 7th studio album, “It Has Begun”, on Nocturnal Mass*. This continues our 8 year, 5 album collaboration with these Western Australian thrash stalwarts.

13 years since their inception, Grave Forsaken have never given up or let up, loyal to the metal scene and God they are so passionate about. Their hard work has seen them improve with every album and “It Has Begun” continues this trend with another healthy output of unyielding thrash and heavy metal. Fans who have come to love the band’s trademark sound will not be disappointed. Continue reading »

Grave Forsaken – “The Fight Goes On”

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Jan 222016

The Fight Goes On (2015)Every once in a while you get an album that when you hear the first chord punch your stereo in the face, you know its going to be a great album. Grave Forsaken’s – “The Fight Goes On” is just that for me, a 100% get up and punch you in the face album that drives relentlessly from beginning to end like their ain’t no tomorrow.

Maybe its just nostalgia, but I am a devout old school thrash and crossover fan, and there is a lot of it going on in the album.

Immediately I am transported back to the 80‘s thrash scene where some of most of the iconic thrash and crossover bands were born. A time where headbanging and moshing was the norm, and not some paralytic chicken dance that a lot of hardcore kids of today do.

A lot of thrash bands today are merely echoes or shadows of those days that bare slight similarities of an era that cemented some of the greatest thrash bands ever. I don’t think that era of thrash would ever be equalled today, but there are some bands that though embody elements of that era are able to forge a stand alone authority, and nod. Grave Forsaken is one of those bands. Though for any true thrasher your mind would wander to the 80‘s when listening to the album, it has that modern touch that keeps it both authentic and in the times of todays musical atmosphere. In other words it won’t alienate the kid who likes to do the paralytic chicken dance. Continue reading »

Dec 142015

grave_forsaken_2015_f12Soundmass is pleased to announce the release of the band’s 6th studio album, “The Fight Goes On”.

Formed in 2004, the relentless Grave Forsaken has pounded out another fine recording of thrash and heavy metal. Injecting the talent and fire of a couple of new musicians, the band have produced something fresh and exciting, while still showcasing the energy and power captured on previous albums like “Reap What You Sow” and “Fight To The Death”. Equal parts traditional metal and ripping thrash, with trademark solos and gang vocals added to the mix, this is the Grave Forsaken sound that their fans love.
Always moving forward, always shredding, from the band that never stops… “The Fight Goes On”
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May 252013

graveforsaken_Vaughun“Hi, this is Vaughan from Grave Forsaken. The issue of music downloading is a complex one. A massive number of people download music without paying for it, so you can make yourself quite unpopular if you speak out against it. I’ve heard all the justifications and reasons people give, but to me it boils down to one simple fact – it is illegal so, therefore, we shouldn’t do it. As far as I can see, if something is against the law of the land, as Christians we are morally obligated to not do it. This is problematic for us music lovers, as it is so easy to obtain material with no direct consequences.

I will never point the finger at a friend or colleague who downloads, as I realise it can be a complex moral minefield. What I try to do is set an example and support legally purchased music. Being in a band, I’m asked about this on a weekly basis. People ask me if downloading impacts our album sales, so it’s obviously on their minds. Continue reading »

Grave Forsaken – “Reap What You Sow”

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Dec 072012

graveforsakenreapGrave Forsaken hits the ground like a riot on their fifth full album release, “Reap What You Sow”. This is a great album that had me hooked from the first track. The music is loud, fast and tight; fuelled with great riffs and a tornado of great drumming. In some places comparisons such as Nuclear Assault, Tourniquet and D.R.I. came to mind.

This energy soaked thrash machine out of Australia was formed in 2004, and the current line-up stands as follows, Vaughan Gregory – vocals / guitars, Elias Salmela – guitar, Matt Skipworth – bass, and Luke Gallagher on drums.

I have listened to a couple of thrash albums over the last couple months and this album is one of those gems that comes along once in awhile that installs hope that a specific genre still has something to give. It’s not over-produced or complicated; it just gets down to business. Continue reading »