Feb 222014

Safemode_2013Safemode needs your help! They just came home after a headlining 2-weeks tour in Latin America, when American RadioU picked up their new title track ‘Gold Digger: Sam’ + the music video for their TV-show. A lot of big bands got into the American market through RadioU. Now Safemode has got the chance to do the same. To make RadioU play Safemode on a regular basis, the song needs to be requested. The more requests it gets, the more plays, and so on. So please, help Safemode out! Request the song on the following links! Request serviceBattery rotationRadioU TV

Safemode is a 5-piece metalcore band from Uppsala, Sweden. The band started in the spring of 2007, and have had lots of shows in all kinds of venues, including a tour in South and Central America, two European tours. Continue reading »

Nov 212013

Safemode_2013Two years have passed since Swedish band Safemode toured South and Central America, together with American bands Sleeping Giant and The Almost. Earlier this week [Nov. 18th] the band released the news about a new tour in January, at the same time Safemode launches a fundraising campaign to cover travel costs.

From being a constant active band with tours in both Europe, and South and Central America, Safemode was put on hold for a year. But this summer, the band could once again be seen on several festivals in Scandinavia. In October, Safemode released the EP “Gold Digger”, which marked a flying start for the band, and gave a ripple effect. Now the band prepares for its second tour in South and Central America.

“This tour is something we have been looking forward to, for a long time”, says Johannes Karlsson, drummer, who also points out that the band constantly received offers on tours during the last two years, but now finally has the opportunity to say yes. Continue reading »

Safemode – “Gold Digger” EP

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Nov 182013

Safemode - Gold DiggerWhen it comes to the Swedish bands and other Nordic regions musicians, generally one can expect that the quality of music for some reason no matter what genre will deliver with high to insane musicianship, that barely has any opposition.

Now Metal-core is not my favorite form of genre, though I will admit over the last while been introduced to more of the bands involved in the scene, and bands that are on top of the totem pole concerning the genre, one begins to allow one or two bands to seep through the cracks for ones own listening pleasure.

No matter who or what I get to review I will always look at it in the most objective way possible to give my best impression regardless if its my cuppa tea or not. Just because I hate chocolate cake, does not mean everybody else must hate it, and just because I have a dislike to chocolate cake, does not mean that for all purposed argument that it does not taste good. Ferrari and Porsche’s are both great cars, but just because I am a Ferrari man, does not mean the Porsche is anything less than the same or even more than the Ferrari. It comes merely down to what you would prefer, rather than a out right dislike of the other. Continue reading »

Sep 292013

Safemode_2013After being on hold for over a year, Swedish metalcore band Safemode returns with a new EP, entitled “Gold Digger”. Single track ‘Another Day Will Haunt You’ from the EP, is already being played on American radio, and this summer the new songs have been heard at Scandinavian festivals.

“Gold Digger” will be released on October 1st. The EP, recorded at Radionika Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, was once again produced and mixed by Dino Medanhodzic.

First single ‘Another Day Will Haunt You’ was released earlier in September, and the song quickly reached first place on American radio-station Effect Radio’s Top #30-chart. Continue reading »