Aug 202015

RED_.2015Grammy® nominated rock band Red reported the following:

‘You’ve been so amazing to us with your support, encouragement, prayer and stories! Over the past 9 years we have traveled all around the world bringing a message of hope and encouragement through music and we could not have done it without you! Thank you!’

‘Now we are asking for your support once again . We’ve logged nearly a million miles (763,000) on our bus over the past 5 years and being the machine that it is, it does break down on us from time to time and repairs are very expensive. One thing we hate the most is having to cancel shows due to breakdowns. Right now we have several issues that are going to become serious problems if we do not address them. Most of the problems are mechanical and there are a few cosmetic ones as well. We take pride in our ride and we want it to last us another 10 years. Would you please consider donating to help us get her fixed up and ready to roll?’ Continue reading »

Nov 202014

MH smallGood news today from our friends at Metal Helm/Starve the Flesh Clothing, read more in the following message:

God Delivers a Printer for Metal Helm!!!!!!!
To those who have donated to the printer fund… Thank you!

To those who have lifted Metal Helm up in prayer to our Heavenly Father… Thank you!

To those who have sent encouraging words as we were overwhelmed in the desert… Thank you!

To those who believe that Metal Helm has purpose… Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And Amen!

Last night we carried our new (used) printer into our printing room. The printer was not stored properly when it was last used and needs some replacement parts before it is ready to go but it should only take a week or two or three before it is printing some amazing shirts to help with the advancement of Jesus’ Mighty Kingdom in the metal world. Continue reading »

Sep 102014

MH smallAfter months of consideration we (Metal Helm) have decided to run a fundraising campaign for a new printer since ours has now broken down. We would appreciate your prayers and consideration to help us financially so that we can continue to offer apparel for the extreme Christian metal fans worldwide. Below you can read a message from Jeremy Thurmond (Metal Helm/Starve The Flesh Clothing/Shigionoth Records), and do not forget to watch the video message.

‘Hello, my name is Jeremy Thurmond and I print apparel for extreme Christian metal bands that are sold through’

‘In 2008 we started a new company called Starve The Flesh Clothing printing shirts with graphic images with Bible verse to explain on the back. We wanted to provide an alternative to the sometimes overly cheerful Christian tees that we were seeing.’

‘In 2011 we started printing almost exclusively for Underground Christian metal bands.’

‘In 2012 we started a new website ( with Partner Jason Butz of Nokternal Hemizphear Records to combine the music store of Nokternal Hemizphear and the apparel sold through Starve The Flesh into a single new location.’ Continue reading »

Nov 042013

Bloodline Severed_logoMetal/Djent band Bloodline Severed from Winston Salem NC. has released a music video for ‘Lead Us Into Battle’.The song comes off their latest album “Letters to Decapolis” which was released on March 2012. The video can be seen below.

Bloodline Severed also launched a crowdfund campaign on GoFundMe. The band has the following to say:

‘We need your help so we can get the music and the message out to all who would like to hear it! We plan to allow free digital download. All hard copies will be sold at a below the cost price. The recording, Mixing and mastering will predominately be funded by the band with little to no revenue coming from sales. This is where you come in. If you believe in Bloodline Severed and our ministry, we would love your support!’ More information can be find here. Continue reading »