Apr 162020

Beauty-core trio GFM (Gold Frankincense & Myrrh) recently released a new video for the Joey Sturgis-produced single ‘Taking Over.’ The teenage sisters’ latest release premiered on the Alternative Press website and shares a message of standing up for oneself and for others.

GFM is made up of CJ English (guitar/vocals), Maggie English (bass, keyboards, vocals) and LuLu English (drums, vocals). Dale ‘Rage” Resteghini directed the project, which features the band in their pink cheerleader uniforms delivering an aggressive performance in front of a pure-white background. Performance footage is augmented with visual effects such as lightning and energy beams, all in the band’s signature pink color scheme.

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Nov 262019

Beautycore Band ‘Gold Frankincense & Myrrh’ (In short GFM) has posted a fun Christmas song/video on their YouTube channel.

Check out GFM’s take on ‘It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year’ below:

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Sep 282019

The final chapter of Gold Frankincense & Myrrh‘s (In short GFM) “Oh, The Horror!” saga is officially here. The band says:

It all started with ‘Give Me A Sign.’ You received an opportunity to learn how and why the resistance started and where the girls of GFM have been hiding in ‘Never Again.’ Now you have a chance to find out what they have been planning and if they will make it out alive. Have you been following the story?

The next chapter can be watched below.

‘Can You Promise Me That This Will Never End’ is taken from Gold Frankincense and Myrrh’slatest album “Oh, The Horror!” which is released 12 april. Continue reading »

Aug 272019

‘Never Again’ is taken from Gold Frankincense and Myrrh (In short GFM) latest album “Oh, The Horror!” which is released 12 april.

About the meaning of the song, they say :

“Never Again” is a reminder to stop letting other people, or even yourself, get in the way of what you are called to do. There will be times where you feel like you cannot keep going, but it is important that you plant your feet firm on the ground and not waver. Society is going to try to tear you to pieces, but connecting with the One who gives you strength will give you the power to ignore society’s actions or words against you and break any and all boundaries or obstacles that you will face in life.

The video for ‘Never Again’ is the prequel/sequel to the ‘Give Me A Sign’ video. It is part of a trilogy series by GFM.

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May 222019

From the sisters of GFM comes the new EP “Oh, The Horror!”. The girls of GFM wanted to really bring the raw emotion back to rock music with their latest musical project. A lot of people ask about the EP name and what it has to do with the music. GFM has an answer for those people. The girls wanted to convey a deeper message than just through individual songs. You see, the EP is the message in itself. Growing up is scary, change is scary, seeing your dog naked is scary… but that’s just part of life. The artwork reveals the decay that you will become until you make an effort to heal.

Give Me A Sign’ is your sign to reach out and get help. You can’t get help unless you want it.

‘The Other Side’ warns you to stop comparing your life to other people’s lives. Don’t take your life for granted because you only get one shot. No one else gets to be you either; don’t forget that. Continue reading »