Jul 222018

Here is Dream Patrol‘s new video for the song Get Back Home. If you like classic rock/metal with some fresh elements and if you like listening to rocking music while driving, you will LOVE this song. Taken from the upcoming debut album “Phantoms Of The Past” which will be released Sept. 21st via Mighty Music.

Dream Patrol is an international hard rock / classic rock band founded by Ronnie König (Signum Regis) in 2016. The band members are from USA, Slovakia, Austria and Czech Republic.

The inspiration for the band name comes from the 80s horror movie A Nightmare on Elm Street, in which a demon-like creature would attack you while you were sleeping. With Dream Patrol you shall fear no more. It is a special office of combat against mind-invaders, working for you overtime, whenever you put on your headphones and start daydreaming. Continue reading »